Welcome to Erie Nick 

Erie Nick is basically a compilation of my life & things I love — Fashion, Travel, Faith, Beauty, Workouts, Recipes — Things that makes mundane life a bit more inspired and exciting!

Since Launching in 2015, ERIE NICK has been featured on Who What Wear, Lauren Conrad.Com , The New York Times, and named Top 10 UK Influencers to follow by InStyle & Marie Claire.


What Edits Will You Find?

FASHION – The main edits are focused on style with links to what I’m wearing, what I’m loving, and styling inspo. I keep things classic for the most part to find investment pieces you’ll actually wear over and over again and I definitely throw trends in the mix inspired by street style, fashion weeks, and the latest trending items. Price points? A lot of the clothing I share is from mid range contemporary lines. 9/10 my more expensive pieces will be things you can wear long term. We’d all love a closet that’s full of nothing but the best, but girl’s gotta be realistic so there’s definitely options for a budget!

Travel is one of my favorite topics to write about. For me, my best memories, moments, and shaping experiences involved experiencing the world and finding appreciation in things beyond my daily bubble. I love sharing a good travel guide filled with first-hand recs and inspo. I also tap into packing guides and vacation outfits because we all need some help when it comes to living out of a suitcase!

BEAUTY – I’ve always taken the less is more approach to beauty, I still want to look like me, just the best version of myself. I’ll occasionally share my go-to make up products, and definitely lot’s of skincare… for me that’s #1

FAITH – When I launched Erie Nick, I never intended to open up about my faith, but it’s been a constant string woven throughout my life, and I genuinely wouldn’t be the person I am today if it weren’t from the love, peace, strength, joy, and hope I’ve discovered through having faith…. and seeking it. While these posts are fewer in between I felt it was important to bring it all back to this. We all need clothes, there’s so much joy found in travel, but to me life has a greater purpose and theres a foundation deeper than the surface we see on social.

MISC – Because I’m one who likes to do it all in life, I’ll occasionally throw other things in the mix! Recipes, seasonal topics (What to wear to weddings/Holidays), workouts, Gift guides …. Have a little scroll through and you’ll get a taste for yourself!


There’s so much of me that doesn’t translate through social. I think when it comes down to it you’ll get more and more glimpses of me and my life as you join along!

I’m overly optimistic, believe we attract the life we think we deserve, am quite a goof, always down to book a last minute flight, genuinely care about people… yes I’ll have a convo with my Uber driver. I’ve never been one to be the “cool girl” – I much prefer to laugh and smile. I love a good book over TV show. I’m always looking for opportunities to change things up & challenge myself. I find confidence in accomplishment. And am definitely stubborn at times but it makes me not settle 🙂 

Happy Place? Hyde Park, the country with horses, or Bordeaux! 

Wine of choice? Pinot Noir. 

Cocktail? Margarita! 

Favorite emoji? Probably the kiss!

Destination? Would pick the mountains over the beach, but give me both and I’m a happy camper.

Go to Outfit? Fall/Winter – My Steve Jobs Black Turtleneck Spring/Summer – A flirty dress

Cant live without? My friends <3

Favorite City? London, forever.

Most Memorable Destination? Maldives

Goal this year – Run a Marathon…

Best Advice? Stay Humble!