I always been a big skincare lover. While makeup works wonders, I think the two go hand in hand. I tend to keep things on the more natural, less contoured side so if you’re after glow dewy summer skin I’ve linked everything I love and use religiously!


FACEWASH | Dr. Barbara Sturm Enzyme Cleanser

FACE OIL | GOOP Face Oil (When I’m out I use Kora Organics) *I always use this as first step morning and night – I just found out GOOPS Oil has discontinued so I’ll update when I find my new can’t-live-without favorite

GLOW DROPS | Dr. Barbara Sturm (Most of her products are £££ this is the one I really can’t live without) *I use after oil, before moisturizer but you can do this last step

MOISTURIZER || Alternate between GOOP Daytime Moisturizer / GOOP Evening at Night (annoyingly discountinued), Augustinus Bader (I have the mini so use this for special occasions; it’s £ but the best), or Dr. Barbara Sturm Face Cream (I have minis and bring these on holidays). For a lower price point my favorite is Dr.Roebucks – it’s just as good if not betetr than Barbara Sturm just SO hard to find

EYE CREAM || Dr. Roebucks Eyecream (This sustainable brand is my fav but sadly they changed owners and things seem to be changing internally so this product is harder to get – Alternatively I use La Mer Eye Cream, but ALWAYS use an eye cream morning and night to help with crows feet and lines long term

SPF | ELTA MD Tinted SPF – No matter what I wear this every single day, even if its the only thing I out on which is often the case when I wake up and take Nahla for walks or go for a run. 

*** Additional Products that I LOVE and use

Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Acid (Also use Dr. Dennis Gross One)

Youth to the People Resurfacing Mask

Patchology Eye Masks

Laura Mercier Brightening Mask

Youth to the People Hydrating Mask

Chanel Eye Makeup Remover or Simple Eye Makeup Remover on Holidays

Clinique Makeup Remover Wipes 


PRIMER | I don’t use primer everyday but when I do I’ll use Laura Mercier Illuminating Primer for Glowy Daytime Looks or Tatcha Silk Canvas Primer for evening when I really want to set my makeup

FOUNDATION | I blend both Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation (Shade 6) with Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer (Shade Natural)

CONCEALER || Hourglass – I’ve used Laura Mercier for years which I love for dewy light coverage. I just switched to Hourglass which really covers a lot more ( a little goes a long way) which I really do love. I recommend going one-two shades lighter under eyes, t-zone, bridge of nose, chin to get that filtered look

BRONZER | Again I alternate between Charlotte Tilbury’s Duo Palette and Laura Mercier’s Bronzer (Shade 4). For this trip/ summer recently I’ve been doing Laura Mercier which I find a little bit more natural. I also highly recommend their brush – it blend the bronzer and contours the cheeks very naturally

EYEBROWS | I’m a big brow girl – I love Charlotte Tilbury’s Supermodel Brow Pencil. The brush always breaks, but as far as the stick itself goes, I’ve tried so many things and this light chalky consistency is my favorite. I always set my brows with benefit brow gel. Use minimally as it can get sticky but it makes a difference for that untamed yet manicured brow look.

EYESHADOW | I’m a creature of habit 9/10 times I’m wearing Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk Eyeshadow. On holidays or for nice dinners out I always use Tom Ford Honeymoon Palette (What I’m wearing here). 

BLUSH/HIGHLIGHTER | I have naturally rosy cheeks, especially after a glass of wine so I never wear blush. The Becca Highlighter in Opal is a secret weapon. It makes such a difference – always add a tiny bit to the point of your nose and on the arch of the brows for dinners out.

LIPS | My best lip secret always is Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipliner. I line the outside of my lips, fill them in by blotting on Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk Lipstick (The Classic One), then always end with a blot of La Mer Balm. When I’m feeling glossy I’ll layer on Kylie Jenner’s ‘Diva’ High gloss but this is rare. Most times day or night I stick to the first three. (I found a mini hit HERE if you want to try out the duo)


SELF TANNER | ST. TROPEZ INSTANT – I use this before every summer trip. Call me crazy but I use the express formula but instead of using for the full 4 hours, I leave it on overnight and rinse in the morning. There is a bit of tan smell but this washes off after your first-second shower and when applied with the mitt the color looks amazing.

SUNSCREEN | Body Sunscreen in the summer I always use at least 30+ if not 50+. Supergoop, Coola and Elta MD are my favorite top line brands. Otherwise I still use Hawaiian Tropic or Nivea Spray from the drugstore. 


To be totally transparent I have and do get about 16 units of Botox/Dysport in my forehead 1-2x a year. For me, it really makes me feel more confident and something I’m ok doing within moderation since I have such a little forehead and already had such expressive wrinkles. I think my mom has aged so so beautifully and she is all on board with a little ‘****conservative’ aid here and there so my philosophy is do what works for you and whatever makes you happy! Like skincare, I don’t skimp though. I stick to the best of the best — 


if you’re in London and looking for someone, I’d recommend Dr. Pamela Benito (Dr. Pam) – she is super super conservative with her approach and who does my Botox here. Tell her you know me and she is so sweet and offering £50 off! – While I’ve never done lips, she also is suppose to be amazing and does skincare plans, facials etc in Chelsea.


When I lived in LA I saw Dr. Nancy Samolitis who owns/ co-founded Facile Skin. Her West Hollywood boutique is super trendy, we actually did their social media at my old company which is how I discovered her. Cute office aside, I’m way more into the person than the place. She too is conservative and never went too far as I feel a lot of people can do. I’ve also seen her at her office in Long Beach. She is a dermatologist so offers a load of other services too.


My mom and I both go to Dr. Euwer at Dermatology Consultants in Dallas. She has been treating my mom since she turned 40, and me since I was a child for all dermatology reasons. While I have to give my mom (and grandma!) a lot of genetic creds, Dr. Euwer has been amazing and is always super super conservative. She’s who I see whenever I go home. Her office is nothing trendy, super medical but for anyone in the area at any age she’s who I recommend


**** All the cosmetic and beauty stuff aside, especially now that it’s summer ALWAYS wear SPF and ALWAYS get any moles/freckles checked every single year! I have way too many to count, so am always on this and my mom just had to get Skin Cancer removed after our trip to the Bahamas. I know so much focus is on beauty and appearances but don’t forget the medical stuff too, it’s so much more important!

Ok mom rant over!! Sending you all lots of love, sunshine, and SPF this summer xx 

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