Feathered Pajamas

Cheers to surviving 5 months of Lockdown 3.0 here in London and almost a month of outdoor dining in the most atrocious weather. As glad I am that we can FINALLY go back to dining indoors, I really will look back at this tricky time of life with a certain appreciation. Being forced to slow down and indulge in ‘little things’ left me much more grateful for all the quality nights and relationships in my life. Staying in, dressing up in pjs, concocting questionable but cute cocktails was a particular highlight when we were able to get together inside and something I’m particularly looking forward to doing again. Weather you’re booking out your calendar with a dinner out every night, easing back in with a few specific reservations, or looking forward to finally having a group of friends over for cocktail/game night at home, I hope you too can find something positive to take away from this past year and embark on this next chapter back to ‘normalcy’ feeling a bit more appreciative!

Now that the UK rules FINALLY allow us to meet indoors with friends, I linked some fun PJS below along with my Nadine Marabi set (LINKED HERE) for a fun night in at home which can be just as fun, if not more, than going out ! xx



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