After months on end of lockdown, not being able to be with my family over the Holidays, and living so many miles apart, it was truly so meaningful getting to go home to visit and ending up booking a spur of the moment trip with my family. Beyond the obvious highlight of being in the Bahamas and spending quality time together, I can’t even tell you how nice it was to finally be able to dress up for dinners and have somewhere to go. Thankfully, with vaccines rolling out, restrictions being lifted, and travel corridors looking somewhat of a possibility on the horizon, it’s feeling like there is starting to be some sort of light at the end of all this. 

I’ll go into more detail on the specifics of the Bahamas in a future post, but as travel reopens, I highly suggest visiting these gorgeous islands… In the meantime, I’m sharing and linking all of my vacation outfits which I had so much fun putting together after a year in comfy clothes. 

Wherever you are and whatever your current lockdown restrictions are, I’m sending a huge amount of love and all the positive vibes. This year has been exceptionally hard on us all and everyone deserves a vacation and to spend as much time with their loved ones as possible.


DRESS:  CULT GAIA | SHOES: Bottega Venetta | BAG: Saint Laurent | BRACELETS: Karen Lazar | NECKLACE: Alighieri

I LOVE love love this Cult Gaia Serita Knit dress. Definitely a ‘night one dress’ to wear before indulging in all the delicious holiday food as it’s definitely more revealing, but also exceptionally flattering. This has been an ‘IT’ style of Cult Gaia’s for a few seasons. I love the green, but depending on your coloring and what suits you best, it also comes in a variety of gorgeous earthy hues. The material was thick enough I didn’t need to wear a bra or pasties, but if you want a little bit more coverave I’d recommend these or these. Size wise, I’m 5’5, nornally a 26 denim and 0/2 dress. I wore the XS and it was perfect.

The similar ‘Cameron Knit’ by Cult Gaia is a close second that I also ordered and tried on if you’re after a little more coverage. I just couldn’t resist the fit of the first but both are beautiful!

I have wanted the white Bottegas forever – This exact scrappy style. As much as I like the trendy cushion slide (if you’ve seen it) is, I knew I would get way more wear out of this chic summer sandal and was clearly right after this trip as they went with everything. Like most Bottegas they come in several hues. This is definitely an ‘IT’ summer shoe. Im a US 7.5 and the 38 fits perfectly. After a few nights my feet were a bit sore, but I think that also comes with the territory of living in house slippers and Adidas pure boots for 13+ months.

As far as summer evening bags go, I LOVE this Saint Laurent bag. I’ll always love a raffia texture for summer. This is one of those summer classics that goes with anything and also dresses up anything. My mom loved it so much too, she got it – one of those pieces thats universally timeless in age. It’s available most boutiques in the raffia navy tone, but if you’re wanting to track down the Neutral, which I prefer, it’s probably best to go through Saint Laurent direct.

I’ve linked everything here, finding availability from most retailers so you have the best chance of finding your size. If there’s one ‘vacation piece’ I’d recommend of everything I wore, it would without a doubt be this dress.



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