Lockdown List 2.0

As London/ the UK goes into Lockdown 2.0 I wanted to share some of my favorite home comforts to help get us all through. I’m pretty sure we’re all beyond over this at this point, but there’s always a silver lining in every hard time and now that the sun is setting earlier it’s at least an optimal time to indulge in a little self care, dive back into a good book, take some selfish time for yourself, and invest in a few quality items that will get you through these days from home!


This is hands down the BEST robe of all time. If we can’t escape to soho farmhouse during lockdown, you may as well bring the farm to you. I personally love the cosy teddy tone, but it comes in white, grey, and another shade if you want one for yourself or his & hers in another shade.


Who would have thought a year ago your #OOTD would consist of a face covering. Yet here were are and a mask is the #1 thing you need in addition to phone and keys before leaving the house. Idk about you but “mask-ne” is now another addition to the struggles of 2020, so I splurged on this silk face mask to help eliminate that problem and bring a little bit of comfort to this now essential accessory. 


On the skincare front, Foreo’s UFO 2 is the best skin buy you can possibly make for lockdown. Real life — my friends and I always come together on birthdays and pitch in to buy this for our friends. It’s basically an at-home facial tool with red-light therapy treatments and sonic pulsations to really transform the skin and make a noticeable differences in elasticity, complexion, and pigmentation . Since we aren’t going to spas anytime soon, and even when we do you can never have enough at home skin care, you can use this tool both morning and night for optimal results. Foreo recently sent me their UFO 2 and I’ve been using their masks morning and night, especially on the weekends and have really noticed a big difference in my skin.

Favorite Masks: Youth Junkie | Collagen | Make My Day | Call it a Night


I am addicted to this coffee machine. To this day it is the best gift I have ever received (Thank you Hannah Strafford Taylor <3) I have to admit I was that person who never understood the Nespresso rage, but after receiving this coffee machine that froths the most incredible lattes, macciatos, cappuccinos, Americanos, etc. I am hooked. You’ll end up saving so much on coffee if you invest in this or if you aren’t wanting to dive in fully, definitely add to the Christmas list! My favorite pods are Nespresso Vivalto Lungo


Even before lockdown I always find so much comfort in making my bathroom feel like a spa. Splurge on the little luxuries that make you feel better — a nice soap, good shampoo, your favorite perfume, some bubble bath if you have a tub, and a delicious candle. While I usually splurge on AESOP soap in the shower, my latest obsession in COWSHED’S Calming shower gel. The notes of eucalyptus and lavender are so soothing and this soap has the softest texture.


This was my first home purchase as soon as I moved into my new flat and the most used home buy thus far! Music for me is one thing I can never live with out, especially during harder times. I always love having my Spotify going on in the house or a good podcast during the work days / evenings. Having one of these in the home during lockdown is really life changing!


I know senses are a bit high right now and it’s easier to feel a little anxious or less grounded. This sleep spray without fail always helps me sleep better. I use this when I travel, on my pillow before bed at home, and now especially during lockdown for a nightly dose of relaxation. 


I always have dry knuckles and hands during these biting winter months. Add layers of straight alcohol sanitizer on top of that and a good hand cream is even more essential. AESOP’s hand cream is by far my favorite. It’s a splurge, yes, but go for the £20 tube. It will last you long enough and be the perfect addition to make the days during lockdown and Covid feel a little more luxurious. 


I live in a comfy set of slippers at home! Because I have a garden, I prefer something with a sole over cosy socks. This fluffy pair is super comfortable. I have them in a few colors, and my girlfriends did these for their bridesmaids slippers and bachelorette party slippers. This season the camel neutral is my favorite.


Tye dye sets were all the rage last lockdown. I actually prefer to still get dressed up like normal during lockdown days at home. I find this is best for keeping motivation and routine, but after my nightly shower I love slipping into a super soft pair of pajamas to add to the ‘spa-at-home’ effect. I’ve been buying Eberjey pajamas for years and have yet to find a pj company that’s more soft. I have 5+ different styles, but this pant set is my top pick for fall/winter months.


Since we can’t go out for dinners during lockdown, I’ve been loving making my Friday night dinners more of an activity. Homemade pizzas, sushi, and pasta are always fun dinner activities  for nights in. I bought this pasta maker when I moved into my new home. You can make all kind of pasta shapes and it keeps the time passing during lockdown if you’re trying to up your chef skills.


Scent can make the biggest difference. When working from home or reading in the bath in the evenings, I love lighting a cosy candle and upping the relaxation elements of a home environment. These are my top picks as of late.


During the last lockdown, I really took up the opportunity to dive more into hobbies like we use to as kids. In addition to cooking, I found painting really therapeutic. Even if you aren’t artistic, it’s soothing to set aside some time blend paint colors and see what comes from it. I really enjoyed hand painting postcards and mailing them to my grandparents or people you aren’t able to see during this time.


Flowers are life changing, especially during lockdown. This is certainly a luxury, but having some beautiful blooms in the home has such a power to transform your mood and bring a bit of brightness during more difficult days. Female form vases are really in at the moment. Anissa Kermiche is the leading name in vases. I just ordered this bust version for my mantle and have linked a few beautiful alternatives as well. If you’re based in London, A Riot Of Colour is the absolute best florist. Her arrangements are beautiful with an element of wildflowers and she’s also taking pre-orders for gorgeous wreaths if you want to deck your door with the top quality decor for Christmas.


We went front a world where everyone was traveling a million miles a minute to travel corridors, quarantines and bans. While our world isn’t as connected as before, a girl can still dream. I ordered this coffee table book along with great Escapes Italy. We may be home but this adds some beauty from the outside world indoors, and you can always open it up and gain some Inso from the comfort of the couch too.


This one is a massive splurge for beauty lovers but I went ahead and added it to this list because it’s an amazing treat to countdown the days and really add some excitement for Christmas. Coming from the states I’m use to a pretty anti-climactic cutesy chocolate advent, but have the say the UK goes big on their advent’s and Liberty’s is no exception! This one has already sold out once, and is back in stock in limited quantities. I’ve done my research, compared to all the best ones out there and next to SPACE N K’s SOLD OUT 2020 advent, this is definitely the best one. Every single item is incredible! Guys if you’re reading, gift this to your girl friend/ fiancé/ wife for some MAJOR lockdown brownie points, or girls invest in this for yourself! I can vouch for 90% things in this and promise it’s worth the value.


I know this time can feel so discouraging. Trust me I’ve struggled more than I have this year than any other. But there’s always a rainbow on the other side of storms and we’ll get through this. Keep your head high, stick with a solid ‘support bubble’ , spend some time outdoors, get dressed during the weeks, do something for yourself, and fuel your body with things that make you feel better! Sending massive love and good vibes wherever you are in the world <3 

Lots of love xx

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