How to Still Celebrate Your Birthday During Lockdown

If this year has taught me anything, it’s to hold onto perspective… and the quality people in your life. I went from struggling on narrowing my birthday celebrations down to a ‘Tier 2’ approved group of six, to being grateful I could even have a birthday dinner at all before London went back into a month long lockdown.

Nadine Merabi messaged me ages ago wanting to gift me something from their garden party collection. Since my garden party agenda was quite non-existent this year I decided to save the gift and go big for my birthday in this AMAZING red sequin Bella jumpsuit

Clearly this isn’t my usual OOTD, but honestly why not be super over the top for your birthday.. especially during Covid times. Being a Halloween baby, I’m use to some sort of costume vibe anyways so this Bella jumpsuit was kind of the perfect statement. I’m not joking when I say it was surprisingly one of the most comfortable things I’ve ever worn. It comes in both black and white which I strongly considered wearing, but ended up going with this beautiful red that fit the vibe of Amazonico perfectly.

Styling wise, I’m 5’5” and wore it with super high platform heels since the hem is quite long. It goes without saying, the jumpsuit pretty much speaks for itself, so you don’t need much jewellery unless over the top bling look is your thing. Never thought I’d be ringing in 28 with a face mask yet these are the times so also added a black slip silk face covering (not pictured because aesthetics 🙂 and YSL bag for all the essentials.

If any of you are ringing in a Covid birthday, my heart goes out to you. It’s looking like we’re all going to have at least one at this point, but hopefully things are looking up! If anything splurge on an insane outfit, get dressed up, make the most of it, and definitely surround yourself with a solid crew/ support bubble. I lucked out just in time for dinner out but here are some suggestions and things to brighten your birthday for anyone else ringing in a birthday during London Lockdown/ Covid Times.


BIRTHDAY CAKES || Tall Pastry Dan (Where I got my cake – it was beyond stunning and delicious ) , Flavortown (They make the most delicious gluten free Vegan cakes)

BALLOONS || NON STOP PARTY SHOP (Check if they are still open but this is where I got my roommates balloon arch – they also deliver and do the metallic mylar number ballots

FLOWERS || A RIOT OF COLOR (My favorite London Flortist!) McQueens (My parents got me a gorgeous bouquet from here)

COOKIES || Baked by Steph — I haven’t ordered these but if you have a big celebration aka 30th/ baby shower, engagement etc, I think these are gorgeous and cute to get customized “3” “0” numbers or whatever age you’re turning.

DINNER LOCATIONS || *Once things open back up — Amazonico (Seats 6 in support bubble/ household), Chiltern Firehouse, E&O has Outdoor Seating and a private room, Daphne’s has Outdoor Seating, Circolo Popolare (I had my birthday brunch here), Isabel

DELIVEROO || NOBU, Zuma Sushi, Oka Sushi does big party sushi platters and amazing quality (clearly I like sushi)

PARTY PLATTERS || Namesake ‘Platter’ has gorgeous charcuterie/ cheese/ fruit boards for at-home celebrations. Hopefully when lockdown is over we can go back to normal or minimum groups of 6. These taste and look beautiful!

OUTDOOR PARTY || Pre-Lockdown, I improvised and made the most of my outdoor space. Since you were allowed to celebrate with 6 outdoors, I strung up these outdoor lights, brought out the fire pit, and ended up having the best second celebration with some major props to Veuve Cliquot and my Sonos on full volume. 

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