Spring LoveShackFancy Dresses

DRESS: LoveShackFancy | QUILT: Vintage | BASKET: Etsy | BOOK: Little Fires Everywhere

I really hope you guys are doing well, staying safe and staying positive. When this all started trickling out no one could have predicted how long this would/will last and the impact it’s had on so many areas of our lives, but my heart goes out to you all. We just have to do our best to find the silver linings in every single day, be there for the ones we love and care about (near or far!) and know brighter days are ahead.

To keep my spirits up, I’ve been trying to tap into normalcy as much as possible, add some newness to life ( Water coloring, reading, making bracelets), and keep finding the little things I’m grateful for each and every day. I keep telling my friends THANK GOODNESS it’s at least springtime and we have some sunshine to raise our spirits! While most days are far more casual than this, I always feel 10x better when I get it together and get ready for the day so I had to treat myself to this little rainbow quarantine pick-me-up dress for Easter.

Getting ready like a civilized human is one of the little things I probably miss most. I’ve had several of you asking me what else you should buy cause you’re bored haha and I feel you! My latest at home spree has been cotton spring dresses from LOVESHACKFANCY. I’ve always been a fan of this brand. It’s where I got my Pink Rehearsal dinner dress (pictured here) for my friend’s wedding — now on sale! Where I got THIS white dress that I wear all the time. And several other dresses for everyday, bridal showers, baby showers, etc etc. 

Thankfully, most of their dresses are comfy enough to frolic in the comfort of your own home then break out once we’re back out in the world. Since spring is here(!!) I’ve pulled my selection of favorites — I love my rainbow one for a little bit of color, and also love this pink exclusive style, a classic white cotton mini if you don’t have one, and these dreamy-chic others that I’ve linked below.






If you’ve never ordered from LSF, I’d size down in their cotton dresses. I wear XS and the top is still a bit loose in some fits. Other fabrics, go with your standard size or even up a size if there isn’t much give to the fabric. I’ve owned 10s of dresses from here in various fabrics so if you’re curious about something message me and I have a pretty good gauge!

I’ll be posting on here way more frequently too. Besides having impromptu picnics, being holed up at my family’s ranch has it’s perks too. I shared my daily SKINCARE HERE (most included in Sephora’s 20% off sale!) and will be back with evening skin, some at home beauty favs, more spring fashion, and another cause of the month for ways we can all pitch in and give back.

Stay Strong! Stay Sane! Keep shining and smiling!

Lots of Love,

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