Hunza G Swimsuits on the Lake

SWIMSUIT: Hunza G (US | UK) | SUNGLASSES: Illesteva | SCRUNCHIE: Slip | HAT: Port Authority Custom Logo | BOOK: Little Fires Everywhere | BRACELET 1: By Charlotte Eternal Peace Bracelet | BRACELET: Missoma

Happy Sunday! Hope you are finding a little bit of sunshine wherever you are <3 As thankful as I am to be spending this time safe with family, I’m missing London and all of my friends a ton as the days go on. Trying to make the most of every minute, it’s true, every cloud has a silver lining. I’m extremely thankful to be able to spend these slower paced days at the lake and at least can catch up on Vitamin D to make up for all those pale months in London!

Talking to friends, a lot of us are in the mood to buy swimsuits. Mostly for wishful thinking and just having summer on the brain. I’ve shared this one piece loads. To this date it’s still my favorite one piece swimsuit. Hunza G suits overall are super comfy, stretch to fit most body types (One Size Fits all), and they’re quite classic. I have tons of their two pieces and as you can tell love my white one piece (Also seen HERE | HERE | HERE). If you have or get one, Be sure to hand wash it to keep the color optimal.


While I’m a two piece girl, I like having a one piece on hand for lake days or adventure days on vacation. It’s nice to have something you can easily throw a pair of shorts on over and be done. I’ve linked mine above and a few like it below + some two pieces as well. Unfortunately I got my light blue Hunga G bikini for Christmas and it’s already sold out. Sunglasses wise, I’ve been wearing my Illestevas more than another other pair, and can’t leave the house without a slip silk hair scrunchie!



Hope you all have a great weekend and a good week ahead. Sending loads of love and good vibes as we continue getting through this xx

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