At Home Manicure Essentials

I CANNOT wait to get this hair highlighted and these nails back in order! Thankfully, since I was little I’ve enjoyed doing my own manicures at home so haven’t been too bothered by the whole at home beauty process. But 7+ weeks in, we all deserve a little TLC post day in and day out of self care.

For any of you at home looking to level up your manicure game, I’ve been loving Deborah Lippmann’s cuticle set. (This also makes a really great gift with Mother’s Day around the corner or anyone needing Inso for bdays.) It comes with a little cuticle tool, cream, oil, and remover. The set has been sold everywhere out so I’ve also linked all the cuticle pieces separately too. If anything I’d recommend the cuticle remover most. 

If you need manicure tools, I’d recommend Bachca Paris’ Manicure set. I got this for my mom for Christmas actually, and kind of stole it back from her while quarantining together because it has all the essentials — nail clippers, file, cuticle remover tool, and tweezers. There are loads of sets you could get on Amazon, I just really like the aesthetic of this one. 

POLISH WISE, my new fav is Chanel’s Blanc White. I always go for a fleshy neutral pink and this one has just the right amount of iridescent shine. My Runner Ups are FUNNY BUNNY by OPI — It’s almost white but super transparent so it glides on naturally without being too chalky. LISBON WANTS MOORE by OPI is a great spring neutral pink with a bit more pigment. And BALLET SPLIPPERS by OPI is another good barely there neutral.

(** Lighter shades are also more forgiving than super pigmented colors. As your nails grow out, it isn’t as obvious which is something we could all benefit from til salons open!)


By now, most of you will have probably have had to have get creative in order to remove your gels. I mimicked the nail salon method and just pulled some cotton balls, aluminum foil, and nail polish remover. Put a little dab of remover on a pad, place it on your nail, then squeeze and twist foil over until all 10 are wrapped. Wait 10-15 minutes (longer if need be) and if they’ve soaked long enough, your old gel polish should slide right off! If need be, you can use your cuticle tool to mimic the scrape off motion to get the rest of the gels off. However if you soak long enough as I did the polish should slide right off

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