Quarantine Pick-Me-Ups

Like all of you (hopefully!) I’m stuck at home for the foreseeable future, and like many of you, I’m sure, trying to stay positive but needing a little bit of sunshine in my life with all of the uncertainty. Originally, I had planned on traveling to Cabo for my best friend’s wedding then straight back to London… Fast Forward I was lucky enough to JUST make the wedding in Cabo with travel bans (More of that coming to the blog ASAP and all highlighted on my story. It really was the BEST wedding ever!)…. but my return to London is now as unpredictable as when this whole thing will be over! For now, I’m staying put, self-quarantining for 7+ more days, just to make sure I didn’t pick up anything while I was traveling and if so don’t give it to anyone else… but that means I’m stuck in TX with a suitcase full of Cabo Ready bikinis and maxi dresses, and the last few drops of my Goop Travel skincare set — Rationing that more than food at this point!

As millennials do, when in need of a little sunshine I spent my Saturday Night Scouring Sephora and Revolve…. Silver lining, All my skincare essentials should be here April 1 (finger’s crossed!) and my seriously lacking quarantine wardrobe, just got a lot more colorful with a few cosy sets. 

If you’re needing a little pick-me-up, here are some of my “Self Quarantine” picks to spark some joy since we all could use it! 


Since my current closet is only “Vacation Ready” I got THIS super cute tie-dye cosy crew neck and short set and THIS comfy Tie dye hoodie and sweats set. Usually when working from home I always make a point to get up, do my normal routine, and get dressed like a normal Human every day (promise you think really helps when you get in a funk ) but given the circumstances, I figure some colorful combos were necessary also.

On the tie-dye note, I think I need all the color I could get so also ordered THIS cute orangey pullover to wear with the one pair of jeans I brought and THESE Tie Dye Pjs that come with a cute little sleeping Mask. They also come in a happy yellow shade if you need some brightness too! 

For wishful thinking I also love this top. May be a bit optimistic, but felt like I could wear it with jeans and my everyday jewelry even working from home then wear it for drinks, dates, summer time etc once we’ve come out on the other side all this is a distant memory! 


If you know me, you know I LOVE my skincare. I can do without a lot but something about putting on my serums, creams, masks, and moisturizers just makes me feel human again. As I mentioned I’ve been rationing my travel set so splurged on a big order of FACE WASH, SERUM, MOISTURIZER, and FACE OIL all liked below along with a few other beauty pick me ups to brighten these days from home!


Now more than ever, we all need a serious amount of R&R. It keeps me mentally sane and I personally get depressed when I binge watch TV, even before all this. In the evenings instead of watching a ton of TV I love drawing baths, reading my book, playing Spa Music on Spotify and finding any excuse to indulge in a bit of self care. For Quarantine season, I bulked up on BATH SALTS, am excited to try this BATH SOAK, and got this delicious BODY SCRUB as a calming treat for myself. 


Because what we put in our bodies is equally if not more important right now, I stocked up on GOOP immunity Vitamins. I always travel with my full size vitamins to keep my immunity up and since my Nature Bounty from WholeFoods are just about out, I figured now’s the time to splurge on Gwenyth’s daily dose so I’ll report back with the verdict.

Second to my boyfriend, I’m missing my Nespresso Coffee Machine most. It’s too pricey to order another one for here so I ordered this Wellness Tea Set with infusions for digestion, glowing skin, mood, energy and immunity to boost my beverage game from home!


More than cute loungewear sets and ultra hydrating face masks, I’ve really been relying on my faith. There’s so much unknown, basically everything out of our control but PSALM 91, Jesus Calling Devotionals and Hillsong Music have really comforted me when my mind’s gotten the best of me and I’ve been overwhelmed by the what if’s and uncertainties. 

Sending you all so so much love! Stay home xx

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