Cause of the Month || February – LSK Foundation

Diving back into my Cause Of The Month Series, I wanted to highlight the LSK Foundation for February. If you aren’t familiar with the LSK Foundation or Lauren Scruggs Kennedy, this beautiful, female-empowering foundation was founded in 2015 after co- founders Lauren Scruggs Kennedy and Lisa Curlee along with director, Ashley Igo, were brought together through their unique paths and accidents that left each woman needing a prosthetic limb. 

While their stories and accidents are unique, the hope and healing that came from having prostheses made to look completely real and exactly like their other limb by ARTech Laboratory tied these women together. After “divine intersection” as they call it — LSK Foundation was formed. Now 10 more women (and counting!) have been able to find their own hope, confidence, peace, and healing through realistic cosmetic coverings for their prostheses — all made possible through the LSK foundation.


Besides the obvious reasons that the LSK foundation is so powerful in that it truly can restore confidence and hope to women after going through unimaginable life altering experiences, I also wanted to feature the LSK foundation as my path has crossed Lauren’s and her story really stuck with me.

I only knew Lauren vaguely as we grew up in the same town. She’s friends with my best friend’s sister, was a student of another best friend’s mom,  used to briefly work at the acting studio I went to when I was younger, and our paths crossed again after her accident through Churchome, my Los Angeles church. It’s not a relationship I could say we were friends or she’d vividly know who I was, but she has a spirit in the few times I had been around her, both pre-and post accident, that people would just remember. She’s full of light, radiates pureness, and while I’m sure she’s had her struggles healing from her accident, had reminded steadfast in her faith. For me, she’s someone who I personally believe myself and others can look to as inspiration. 

I truly cannot imagine what going through an accident like hers or the women whom LSK foundation has supported is like. (If you’re unfamiliar with her story you can read more about it HERE). In a time that puts so much emphasis on “beauty” and physical appearances, especially as women, I can only imagine how hard it would be to have an element of your external beauty and appearance stripped from you. 

It seems so ail in comparison but I know and I’m sure we can all relate in a sense to how discouraging physical ailments or abnormalities can be. Whether it’s a birthmark, scars from surgery, acne, whatever you will….multiply that a million fold, going through an accident or circumstance and losing an arm or leg in addition to the emotional wounds you’re faced with. While yes, progress has been made for women and without a doubt there is so much more beauty in us all beyond our physical appearances, I wholeheartedly believe in the message and purpose of the LSK foundation —- to ignite faith, restore confidence, and bring hope to girls and women post accidents by providing beautiful, realistic looking cosmetic coverings for prostheses.


What most people including myself may not realize is how expensive prosthetics can be and how insurance doesn’t always cover the aesthetic elements of them. Traditional prostheses restore function, however it isn’t standard to provide emphasis on the aesthetic appearance.

LSK foundation bridges this gap and provides custom ARTech silicone coverings for prosthetics. These custom coverings offer flexibility, patient comfort, durability, stain resistance, and a special mixture of pigments extrinsically blended to give all prosthetic restorations a translucent skin-like appearance.

The cost of a custom silicone leg covering ranges from $11,000-$15,000, while custom silicone arm coverings range from $9,000-$14,000, an extremely high fee that most cannot afford and most don’t have access to covered by insurance. 

In a time of women supporting women I really couldn’t be more driven to support not only Lauren but as many women as possible who’s lives could be changed from the hope in these custom coverings.

If you have anything to donate or have being looking for more mays to make a difference this year, I really encourage you to donate to the LSK foundation HERE. I’ll be matching every single donation made up to $6k! So DM, Email, or send me your receipts and I’ll commit to giving just as much as you do!


You can learn more about their foundation on the website HERE Including the stories of the recipients and how receiving the prosthesis through LSK foundation has impacted their lives.

I recently spoke to Lauren and found out they have three new applicants awaiting ARTech silicone coverings so it’s very exciting knowing a huge difference will be made in three more lives… and counting!



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