Daylesford Farm Cottages Birthday Trip to the Cotswolds

STAY: Daylesford Farm Cottages

DURATION: 2 nights / 3 days

I’m still on cloud 9 from the best birthday of my entire life. Without a doubt, moving to London is still one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. After having surgery this time last year, and being at a wedding the year before, I was so excited to finally spend my first birthday in the UK since moving here — I used it as the perfect excuse to plan my dream trip to Daylesford Farm Cottages in the Cotswolds. 

Anyone who’s asked me for Cotswolds recs, I HIGHLY recommend staying here. I’ve done the search for air bns, searched Goop, travel sites, rentals, but Daylesford really gets it when it comes to capturing that quintessential charming Cotswolds vibe + you’re living on the dreamiest organic farm… once you arrive you’ll never want to leave.


For the 8 of us, I booked the adjoining Potting Shed and Apple Store Cottages — just steps from Daylesford’s Farmshop, Restaurants, Garden, Spa, and Shops. The style and decor is the dreamiest vibe you’ve ever seen. We had 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 2 kitchens, and dual living rooms since the cottages connect. Ideal for a big group (birthdays, bachelorettes, couples trips, family holidays.) I’ve already had a few requests asking for where to book in the Cotswolds for Holidays — I booked this out about 2 months in advance, so definitely recommend booking ahead. Space wise the 8 of us fit perfectly but if you have more or less they also offer a few other just-as-charming cottages for bigger and smaller groups

*If you’re looking for more of a hotel vibe or traveling with 2-4, I’d also recommend staying at Daylesford’s sister property, the Wild Rabbit Inn just down the road! I’ve stayed here twice and its also a complete dream! Better suited for smaller groups, couples trips, or a nice little weekend out of London.

Back to the farm — Pretty much everything you need is included in Daylesford’s Cottages — eggs, milk, butter, wine, gin, tonic, lemons, limes, mixed nuts, fresh bread, laundry detergent, washer/dryer, firewood, matches, umbrellas, pillow spray, and the best spa products…. If you need anything else, the store is literally steps away.


Activity wise, Daylesford has everything you can dream of. Cooking classes, floral workshops, spa treatments from facials to massages to manicures, a gorgeous Haybarn studio for Yoga and Pilates, and the most beautiful country walks starting right outside the cottage doors. And if you want to do anything else ie. Clay Shooting like we did, horse riding, shopping in town, etc. there’s lots of options within a 15-30 minute drive.

If you follow me on Instagram, I’ve basically shared a play by play of the weekend on Stories (highlighted under “Daylesford”)… But for planning sake if you’re wanting inspo or the full weekend agenda, here’s a play by play of everything we did for the most perfect Cotswolds weekend I could have ever imagined! 



2pm | Leave London (*Train from Paddington to Kingham 1.5h or Drive 2hrs)

4pm | Check In to Daylesford Cottages – AIR BNB style theres a safe box outside the door but someone can meet you on site if you want a tour

Afternoon | Shop for Wine & Cheese at Daylesford’s Farm Shop, light bite from the cafe. Cheese board and wine at the house. Get settled in, unpack, light a fire! Order Food from Daylesford Delivered. I showered and freshened up for the evening while my friends who are literally the sweetest people ever, decorated our cottages for my birthday!

Dinner | We had originally planned on walking to the Wild Rabbit Inn just a 30 minute walk/ 5 minute drive down the road, but since it was dark and we were all cozy at the cottage we decided to celebrate with a night in enjoying Daylesford Delivered — The service Daylesford offers which brings their organic farm fresh food directly to your door! They pretty much can do anything from their restaurants or their delivery special menu and only need about an hour notice. 

* If you want something out and about in Kingham, I’d recommend the Wild Rabbit or The local pub, the Kingham Plough — both great with cute ambiance, just book in advanced!

Evening | I had had a really big night the evening before so was perfectly fine with a chilled night in! The girls literally pulled out every stop — 2 birthday cakes from Cutter and Squidge, homemade funfetti cupcakes, alllll the Daylesford cheese, jam, wine, Gin and Tonics, and gifts — matching PJS and the most gorgeous “E” signet ring from Dinny Hall, a store I’ve always loved. Broken record, but such a good night. Definitely recommend bringing some games and just hanging out until everyone passes out.


BREAKFAST | One of the best parts of waking up at Daylesford is enjoying the farm fresh eggs they leave in your cottage. We enjoyed the yummiest little spread before heading out for a country walk, accompanied with coffee, tea, homemade bread and butter.

MORNING | Country Walk — When in the Cotswolds you have to enjoy the outdoors, evening if it’s raining. Just learn from my friend Jennie 🙂 Pack Wellies aka rainboots, not designer Ganni shoes as cute as they may be. We grabbed some matcha lattes from the farm shop and headed out towards the Wild Rabbit. You’ll pass the farm land and buildings where Daylesford handles a lot of their livestock and agriculture, and hit a very muddy path before making it to Kingham

LUNCH | Id strongly recommend lunch at the Wild Rabbit. You can book a table or roll in and grab a seat by the fire! Their butternut squash soup is one of the best things I’ve ever eaten and again, just adds the icing on the cake to full Cotswolds experience.

AFTERNOON SHOOTING | Clay Shooting in the country has been at the top of my bucket list ever since I moved to London. It was only my second time going, but I wanted to bring all the girls after realizing how much fun it is after staying at the Ranch at Rock Creek in Montana. We booked with Cotswolds Clay Club, a really great family run company. They set up 4 different clay machines, were SO helpful, and basically gave us free for all even though be booked 50 shots for $50. It’s probably clear from the million videos I posted on my stories, but we had the absolute BEST time, rain wind and all. Another thing I’d highly recommend for a trip! We booked Saturday in the field because it went best with out schedule, but can’t wait to go back on a Sunday to enjoy their full club house with fire, tea, and snacks as well.

CHILL AFTERNOON | One of the best parts of the weekend was just chilling at home. After a full afternoon of shooting we all watched a movie, napped, ate more cheese and cake, and rested up in front of the fire before dinner!

DINNER AT SOHO FARMHOUSE | Soho Farmhouse is another one of my happy places — basically anything with solid aesthetic in the Cotswolds just does it for me! It’s a 30 minute drive from Daylesford, but 100% worth it! I’ve been several times so we came just for dinner, but if you’ve never been and are with/ are a member yourself you’ll want to block out some time to roam around see the horses, and explore the grounds. We had a perfect birthday dinner in the barn. Feel like I should be 30 at this point with as many cakes/candles that I’ve blown out. Was the perfect place for a birthday dinner! If you’re in a drinking mood, Soho Farmhouse comes alive at night and they have a really fun DJ/Bar.

EVENING | Best way the end the night — Back at the Cottages with Harry Potter, Tea, and Wine. All the TVs have Netflix/Amazon so you can pretty much rent anything you’d like and cozy up yet again by the fire!


Morning Pilates | Every Daylesford Cottage stay includes a complimentary Yoga or Pilates class at the Bamford Haybarn Spa. We all made our way to the pilates studio for a really good hour class to start off the day!

SPA | After your workout, you have to go to the relaxation room, lay in the beds, look out at the view, and sip their calm tea. If you have time, 100% book a treatment. I’ve had massages here before and their organic products are seriously incredible. 

LUNCH | One of the best parts of staying at Daylesford is access to their incredible produce and food. We had a really nice lunch at the cafe with the yummiest butternut squash risotto I’ve eaten in my whole life

DAYLESFORD SHOP | Basically sold on country life and wishing we could bring all of Daylesford back the London, we made our biggest attempt to turn our flat into the farm and went ham at the shop. They have everything… and you’ll want everything. Home goods, kitchenware, Christmas section, candles, children’s area, furniture, art, a wine store… you’ll have to experience it for yourself and they have an online shop too. 

COUNTRY WALK | Ending the dream weekend on a high note, we went for another long country walk. Past the bridge towards the “tree route” on the map, stumbling upon the cows/ bulls, and most breathtaking country views!

TRAIN HOME | Thankfully the train station is only 8 minutes away so we literally soaked in every last second, and made the 3:20pm train with 30 seconds to spare. You’ll need to book a taxi to the station in advance if you’re not driving a car. Rule of thumb every taxi ride is about £15-£30 pounds and train tickets are under £25 if you have a rail card!


Lets be honest — I was ready for this trip ever since I booked it. When in the Cotswolds, my best advice would be to dress down, dress cosy, and prepare for the weather. You’ll really just need jeans (I packed 2 pairs for the weekend), Wellies/Rainboots > any other shoe, several cosy wool sweaters, a good country coat (I love my Barbour), a shooting jacket if you want to be the part ( we found ours at the Joules shop during our Lake District trip!), cosy warm socks, a hat, a pair of Chelsea boots for dinner, dinner top (my black turleneck/hermes belt uniform), pilates outfit, and teddy coat if you want to be comfy! I linked lots of Inspo below. If you’re local to London, I also recommend the cashmere shops on Portobello road. That’s where I got most of my knits that I wore throughout the weekend!

Overall, everything about this trip was perfect! Majority thanks to Daylesford being a dream and being able to come here with the most amazing friends in the world! If you ever have the chance to visit, I absolutely couldn’t recommend it enough. Even if its for a day trip…. but it’s somewhere you really should make the trip for, stay at least two nights, get a group or family together and savor every second at the cottages! xx 

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