Everyday Natural Makeup + 3 New Products I’ve Replaced From My Old Routine!

Happy Sunday! Sorry its been ages since I’ve been on here — work has been crazy in the best way possible and the blog tends to take a back seat when I’m juggling everything at once. To save time and get things up way quicker I’ve been linking a lot more on my Instagram stories and @liketoknow.it account — if you’re unfamiliar, it’s an app you can download where, similar to Instagram, I have my own profile and I link all of my outfits, makeup, shopping details directly. Its a bit more instant than the blog (even though I’m back to regular posting this week!) and you can also access it on the home page of my blog in the far right hand side as you scroll if you don’t want to download the app —-

That said!! I wanted to pick up on here with a beauty post sharing my go-to everyday makeup + 3 new makeup products (eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadow) that I’ve replaced my old routine with!


A lot of people ask how my skin gets so glowy, and yes I’m a crazy person about my Skincare Routine, but I also have to give major creds to Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer. Sadly, I’ve already had to switch back to my “paler shade” about half way through September. I use natural radiance in the summer when my skins more bronzed and bare Radiance in the fall/winter when I’m lacking Vitamin D. This is probably my #1 must have foundation for radiant, natural looking glowy skin – then I’ll layer Charlotte Tilbury Foundation on top (shade 6.5 summer / 6 fall winter), blend for more coverage, then add Laura Mercier Concealer under my eyes and over any areas I want more coverage. Lastly, I’ll finish my foundation off with Bare Minerals “Medium Beige” as more of a setting powder.


I absolutely love Charlotte Tilbury’s Bronze Palette duo. I use the bronzer at a diagonal angle to accentuate my cheekbones and with dust a bit all over my face when I’m feeling lighter than usual and want that bronzy glow. Highlighter I just kind of use where I feel like. A little above my cheekbones, on the nose — wherever you want to accentuate. Over the summer I purchased Charlotte Tilbury’s liquid blush in the peach tone and I love it! I just dab a little bit on the apples of my cheeks and blend with my fingers. I really prefer this to a powder blush because it helps maintain that dewy glow, especially during the fall/winter months as skin tends to shift to the dryer side.


I’m a bushy eyebrow girl. (Londoners I recommend BlinkBrowBar if you need a good spot! They thread and keep them quite full) Makeup wise, I love Charlotte Tilbury’s brow wizz pencil. The eyebrow comb annoyingly always breaks off but I just use a little bristle brush from the beauty counters (you can find them at boots, Nordstrom, Space N K etc.) Color wise, I wear supermodel – then I’ll brush my brows through with Benefit’s clear gel to give them that structured but untamed look. 


It’s no secret I love pillow talk lipstick — I pretty much tell anyone and everyone to buy it and my friends are always stealing mine. Charlotte Tilbury recently came out with a Pillow talk Eyeshadow Palette and I love it just as much. It’s applied a bit lighter in this picture, I went super natural for daytime – but the pink tones are really gorgeous and, as the lipstick does, compliments all skin tones. Looking at the Palette I’ll use the top two blush tones for daytime most days, and then alternate to the right two tones blended for evenings. I’m not the biggest sparkle and glitter eyeshadow girl, but I’ve accentuated the corners of my eyes with the Botton left tone for a few nights out and really like how it looks. Day or night, I’ll usually smudge just a little bit of the darker crease tone on the outer corners of my bottom lash line to get that smokey effortless look.


I’ve used Lancome’s liquid liner for years now and recently swapped it out of my rotation, replacing it with Hourglasses Gel pencil eyeliner which I love! It’s super super fine and super light, which works really well with my almond eye shape. I’ll wear the brown “Canyon” tone during daytime and then Black “Obsidian” for night. Fair warning these are super fine and don’t last very long, but they’re really worth it and priced to buy several. If you like black eyeliner, go for the 3 pack. Unfortunately, the brown doesn’t come in a pack of three but I’ll always order a few and keep them on hand when I run out.

Mascara wise, I’ve used Bobbi Brown’s Eyeopening Mascara for years, but in experimenting with new brands I discovered I love Kevin Aucoin’s Mascara so have swapped this one out as well! It makes your lashed super full with a little curl. I’ll apply several coats on my top lashes and just a dab on my lower lash line.


Said it before, I’ll say it again, I love my pillow talk lipstick. I use the pillow talk liner first, with moisten my lips with a chapstick if they’re dry then coat on Pillow Talk all day long. Uncharacteristically, I actually think I’m wearing “Bitch Perfect” + “Pillow Talk” here. It’s another shade I’ll less frequently throw in the mix but like as well for a lighter natural, more glossy nude. 


When I need to set my makeup I use Urban Decay’s Setting Spray. I don’t use it every day as I like my skin to breath, but I’ll use about three spritzes before fashion week, dinners, nights out, or events.


This is the exact list of every single Item I use daily right now, and am wearing in the pic above – I also have a “MAKEUP” tab under my shop page as well as “SKINCARE” if you want to search all of my beauty favs.

For anyone ready for fall shopping, I’m FINALLY sharing my blog post this week! In the meantime I have a few new outfits on LiketoKnow.it and I’ve linked this dress from last year that I’ve shared on IG and Stories here as well — available limited sizes in two new patterns.

Hope you are enjoying your week/weekend! I just wrapped up my Hyde Park Walk, listened to Churchome podcast this morning, made some Gluten Free pancakes because it’s Sunday 🙂  and am finally doing a bit of fall cleaning/organizing, getting rid of loads of clothes on my DEPOP account, and swapping out my closet for fall! 

xx Erica

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