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If you’re like me and going on yacht week, you’ve looked at Pinterest, tried to find hashtags, asked friends, and googled Inpso for what to wear and what to bring on Yacht week. Full disclosure, I was THAT girl, that brought a giant rolling duffle bag, that had to be checked — but from my experience I’ve found out exactly what you need, don’t need, and will be so grateful you’ve packed….


For starters, your bag… Every website, blog, and Yacht Week App (Day Eight) will tell you to bring a duffle bag. This is 100% necessary, but what they don’t tell you is to bring a rolling duffle bag which I definitely recommend for girls. There’s a lot of lull time the first day, from getting to the airport to Baotic Marina, to walking down to the dock and getting on the boat. By the end of the planes, taxis, and boats. All of my friends brought small weekender bags which was great for size, but after all the walking everyone was wishing they had wheels on their suitcase — something I took note of from sailing trips to the BVI growing up.


Once you’re immersed in all things Yacht week, you’ll wish you would have gone for it with all of the themes. Because we’re that group, we had a meeting before and coordinated all of our theme night outfits….


For our first day, we chose a self imposed “animal print” swimsuit theme. This totally wasn’t mandatory, but was actually really fun having 2 days where we all coordinated swimsuits. When at Yacht week, why not! 


Personally this was my favorite going out night // Assuming the themes don’t change you’ll want something floral, jungle, retro, less Hawaii more Cuba. I don’t know if I was on theme or not but I LOVED my dress from Revolve, definitely my favorite outfit of the trip. I wore block heels, but there were really gravel-y parts at Fort George so Sandals are totally fine this night. DO NOT bother bringing any sort of actual heels. You will not wear them. For fun, we brought Glow sticks which were perfect for this night. You can just get them on amazon.

*Book a Table for this Night


We had a total of 3 raft parties during Yacht Week — one of the best parts of the boating experience. If you’re unfamiliar, basically all of the boats circle up, connect, and there’s a huge raft part in the middle with a DJ boat that comes in to play. For this day you’ll 1000% need rafts AND an air pump. A few of the boats forgot air pumps and had to borrow ours so definitely factor this in when packing (also extra batteries!). These days didn’t have a theme but for the fun of Yacht Week we all coordinated swimsuits for the first raft party and was actually really glad we did. We chose “NEON” theme — H&M, Frankies Bikinis, Asos, etc. all had good options. It was actually helpful to find your friends in a sea of floating people + again just fun 🙂

Rafts | I’d advise to have a raft for every person on board. My favorite were the donut style rafts so you could be in the water, tanning, talking to everyone, and also cool off. A lot of boats went overboard with the floats bringing giant floats that ended up taking way too much time to inflate. Go with whatever kind you want but keep in mind the flatter the better as they fit in the cabin of your boat while sailing + there will be the option to take a few floats at check in left over from former Yacht Weeks. Amazon, Funboy, sunny life, all make good options and they have lots at the markets on the islands if you want to buy any there.


I’d say my friend Renee and I were almost overdressed this night, but we each had older For Love and Lemons dresses that we wanted to wear and the backdrop here was the place to wear them. This is more of a beach bar, so casual vibes can totally work, but dress to impress if you’re feeling it. A fun beach dress or romper and sandals are perfect. Lots of guys wore sandals, button down shirts, and shorts.

  • Not worth getting a table for girls here — the night ends too early and theres a break for dinner then night out at bars in Hvar — just make friends who have a table and enjoy the sunset views 🙂


Most days on the Islands I wanted to spend exploring — If you’re up for Scooters, ATVs, jetskis, beach etc. Id recommend packing a few one piece swimsuits that you can easily throw jean shorts or flowy pants over. I packed so many dresses and coverup options that I didn’t wear. Maybe a romper, one coverup dress, and the rest shorts/pants will be perfect. If you plan on driving like I did, I’d also recommend a pair of canvas tennis shoes like supergas.

RIVIERA CHIC “aka White Party” | Carpe Diem in Hvar

I had heard mixed things about this night and was confused that Riviera Chic and White Party were the Same Night. Basically most groups wear all white – the venue is extremely cool, outdoors, by the sea, and super chic. If you want to stray from the all white OOTN, some girls wore light blue and white striped jumpsuits, white pants and natural blue tops. My advice would be to stick to the full white look. It looks the best and by this day you’ll be super tan. Wear flat sandals to stop by the water swing and easily get around the venue. Guys mostly wore white shirts and white/khaki shorts. For fun we all wore captain hats that we ordered on Amazon. They also sell captain hats that say “croatia” at most of the islands there, they’re just more expensive.

*Book a Table for this Night


This day/night was without a doubt my favorite! All of the boats line up facing each other to create a tunnel and you basically stay in your swimsuit until the late hours of the night, swimming on floats until sunset, and hopping on each others boats until morning. Definitely bring a fun swimsuit for this day. Most “floaty” days, I’d wear something with straps or support just to avoid any slips while swimming. At night it’s suppperrr casual. You wont wear makeup, your hair will be beachy, just bring a comfy coverup. After swimming all day I threw on this romper from planet blue (which I also wore every night when getting ready) and it was perfect.


Every boatchooses their own theme for Regatta Day — The day where all of the boats sail out and “race” together. This if anything is really for your own boat to have a little fun. We went with Baywatch theme all wearing red one pieces with another amazon order of whistles and lifesaver inflatables. There were jungle themed boats, Mario cart… creative freedom to choose whatever you want. You are sailing for about 2+ hours so I do recommend a theme where you can be in a swimsuit.


On the other nights that didn’t have themes I wore two piece sets and flowy mini dresses. The venues are always cool, some bars built into caves, others more clubby. If you’re tight on space I recommend something like this or a go to dress you can easily throw on with sandals for dinner then night out. You can definitely wear denim shorts, I just preferred dresses since most nights were quite hot and re-wore my outfit from the first night again the last night.


On Travel days I stuck for comfort — shorts and a tank for the first day and a flowy white dress coming home. Id recommend something similar or jumpsuits – always great for cosy travel & pack a swimsuit in your carryon. Once you get there, depending on your flight time, you’ll have about 4-6 hours until you get on the boat.


  • Sunglasses Chain | I used this every day, especially during the raft parties to not loose my sunnies.
  • Portable Mirror | My #1 purchase for this trip! I did my makeup outside every night – so much better than in the cabin
  • Hanging Toiletry Bag 
  • Quick Dry Towel  | Everyone on the boat order a different color
  • White canvas sneakers – if you want to do activities on the islands (ATV, SCOOTERS, etc)
  • Cheap Sunglasses – I wore my ray bans everyday, but on the tunnel day people get crazy so wear a pair you can live without. My Taylor Morris glasses are at the bottom of the Ocean, RIP.
  • Shower Shoes | You don’t really shower on board. Most stops have a bath house so bring shower shoes or shower on the back of the boat in a swimsuit
  • Sleeping Mask
  • Tanning Swimsuits & supportive swimsuits | You’ll want a mix, every morning sailing I’d wear a bandeau to tan then change once we got to the islands.
  • Converter charger/ Car charger | Only these work while sailing or have multiple outlets 
  • Portable charger | I used my mophie every day since the boats can only charge while docked
  • Its a 10! Hair de-tangler
  • Wet Brush
  • Baseball Hat | I wore my sailor hat most days to shade from sun
  • Seasick bands | Thankfully I don’t get seasick, but everyone was wearing these and they really help more than patches or dramamine
  • Waterproof Mascara | 100% necessary
  • Flags | Definitely order flags from your native country (for us UK, Sweden, US, and Canada) then pick a few fun flags to fly from the boat. These make it really helpful to identify your boat on the docks and help with the whole spirit of yacht week.


  • Waterproof phone case – I brought mine and never used it. Despite alllll the content I loved the days on water cause I’d just leave my phone on the boat!
  • Sunscreen – you’ll need it all day every day but save space and buy Nivea sunscreen there
  • Flash Tats – we bought them and never used them
  • Heels – just don’t bring them, even platform espadrilles are too much
  • Workout clothes – I’m quite active in my everyday life & ambitiously thought I’d work out… there is a HIIT class one day and yoga the other but bringing these were a waste of space. I much preferred doing the activities on land than the workout classes in the middle of the day
  • Bath towel – they have them on board
  • Too many toiletries | you really just need shampoo, conditioner, face wash
  • Hair dryer | Just shower an hour before you go out and let your hair dry naturally then use a curling iron or flat iron if needed
  • Sun hat with a brim | It will fly away don’t bring
  • Denim jacket | if anything just bring a cosy pullover for the flight


  • Comfy breathable PJS | I wore my Eberjey romper every night
  • Undergarments 
  • Portable waterproof speaker | most boats have bluetooth but we used ours a lot too!
  • Swimsuits (7-10)
  • Dresses or rompers for nights (5 total | 2 in theme*)
  • Passport
  • Debit card (you’ll get $$ out once you get there)
  • Curling iron
  • Chargers
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, contacts, meds, light makeup, makeup remover, skincare, etc)
  • Denim shorts (1)
  • Swimsuit coverup pants or shorts (1)
  • Swimsuit coverup (1-2)



  • 1 crossbody bag for the evenings/nights out
  • 1 travel bag/beach bag for the islands | my bag from free people was perfect
  • Rolling duffle or weekender bag (must be collapsable)

I feel like I covered it all. Spaces are really quaint in the cabins so the less items the better! Stay tuned for my full Yacht Week Guide Coming Next… I know I sound like a broken record but it’s seriously the best week ever. I can’t imagine going through life and not experiencing this!…

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