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For anyone new here I’m pretty into skincare — I take my skin very seriously and am such a sucker for anything marketed to make me “glowy” “dewy” and “beautiful”. To shed the dryness of winter and kick off the summer season, I went to Apogii — a new wellness boutique on Westbourne Grove and tried out their “Zone Face Lift”. I’ve had facials in the past with serums, masks, steam machines, and extractions but this was an experience on it’s own. Yumiko the facialist used all of these tips, tricks, and tools to really bring out the best in my skin. While it’s called a “Face Lift” there obviously wasn’t anything surgical involved, but it did make a really noticeable difference in my skin’s elasticity, the tightness around my jawline, and improvement overall with my skin’s appearance and generic texture. She used crystals, rollers, and these chopstick like tools for facial reflexology and small tools created to target wrinkles. 10/10 I would recommend if you’re in London — they also offer cryotherapy, IV drips, b12 Shots, and a plethora of other facials and massages you can look into HERE…..

Besides skincare treatments, I’ve also invested in a few new beauty buys to bring out that bronzy, radiant glow for summer.

SPF 50 FACE SUNSCREEN | First things first, I’m actually quite OCD about sunscreen. On my body/on my face — I’m very prone to sunspots and melasma so if I don’t apply it, even for a day, unfortunately sun damage is noticeable. After my Apogii treatment I bought Barbara Sturm’s spf 50 Sun Drops. You can pick them up at their shop in Notting Hill or purchase them online HERE if you’re not local. I always use spf 50, it’s non negotiable. I stopped using La Mer after I learned they tested on animals so this far, this is my investment favorite. If you need a good organic body sunscreen my #1 is Coola — it’s hard to find in the UK but Strip Waxing Boutiques sell it!

BEAUTY LIGHT WAND BLUSH | While I was in Harrods helping my friend Jennie pretty much buy everything I use on my face, I caved and bought this blush from Charlotte Tilbury. After 3 weeks of using it, it’s my new summertime “must-have”. With my coloring the rep recommended the peachy tone (darker skin tones go with the gold tone, lighter opt for the rose gold tone). The texture is extremely blend-able and creamy. I literally just apply to the apples of my cheeks after I’ve done foundation, concealer, and bronzer. And because in the summer I really am about “less is more” I’ve been applying a touch of this to my eyelids as a dewy, glowy eyeshadow before heading out the door.

GLOGASM PALETTE | Carrying on with the Charlotte Tilbury Glow Trend I also caved and bought this glow palette. I’d recommend this second after the blush. It’s more for the full glowy effect — a full face bronzer which can also be used to contour, blush, and highlighters, which all can be used as illuminating eyeshadows.

DR. DENNIS GROSS GENTLE PEEL | Back to skincare, my #1 recommendation after spf 50 would be this gentle peel. There is no other product that I’ve been using at home that has really shown such a noticeable difference in my skin. I use this every other day in the evening before bed. It’s acid based and quite expensive but I really have seen a difference in my skins texture, coloring, smoothness, and pores.

RETINOL SERUM| The other skin component recommended to me in my LION/NE Skin Consultation was a retinol cream. I’ve been incorporating this into my skincare routine, every other night (the nights that I don’t use my peel) after using my GloPro Microneedling roller 3x a week. This does make your skin more sensitive to the sun, so again that SPF 50 is quite important, but this combined with the gentle peel has really made a noticeable difference in my skin.

Other than that I’m pretty much a creature of habit and stick to what I love – DR. ROEBUCKS is my favorite skincare brand — if you don’t already use It I’d realllyyyy suggest trying their collagen serum, hydrating face moisturizer, and under eye cream. If you’re curious about any other beauty buys I use, you can also click my “SHOP” tab where I’ve linked all of my makeup under “MAKE UP” and all of my skin essentials under “SKINCARE”

Hope this helps — and never hesitate to DM me — I’m happy to help and will always give my honest suggestions. Skin is super personal but this is what’s really worked well for me and makes such a big difference.


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