Valentine’s / Galentine’s Gift Ideas

Valentines, Galentines – whoever you’re celebrating with this year…. Valentine’s Day is 8 days away so I’ve rounded up a few little sussies to make the day even sweeter!

Guys – When in doubt, always go the thoughtful route. Some of my favorite Valentines have been the simplest – cooking homemade pasta or sushi at home, opening a special bottle of wine. Also never underestimate the power of an experience together — (a weekend getaway, wine tasting, etc) girls love that stuff. 🙂

Ladies- No pressure to get your friends anything, I just always love a thoughtful little treat to show my girls how grateful I am for them!

Fiancé’s to be – If you’re completely lost in the ring department, Octavia Elizabeth is the best of the best when it comes to modern day, custom engagement rings. Her everyday Jewelry is also stunning, plus everything she makes is ethically sourced – a major plus.

Jewelry– My friend Brandon and his family have also been in the diamond business for years, so if you want something custom also reach out! They do engagement rings, but he can also make anything you want – send him a photo, tell him I sent you— he’ll give you a friends and fam discount!

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