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You’ve seen the millions of “ #Liketkit “ tags alllllllll over Instagram. Some of you may use it, some of you may have heard of it, most of you are probably over the social media spam/have no clue what it even is… So I’m breaking down lots of questions, curiosities, and basically how the whole thing works…

For any of you who have every wondered “Where is that _____ from” — it’s basically a short cut to get any product details of things you like Instagram.. with links to shop immediately if you’re in the market.

If you’ve ever wondered “How Do Bloggers Make Money?” —- @Liketoknow it aka RewardStyle is one answer to your question. While sponsored posts/ paid partnerships are definitely a more feasible way to generate Instagram Income affiliate marketing is one of the several ways influencers make money. Say you see something on social or a blog post- you click the product link, like what you see, buy it, love it, wear it etc. When you make a purchase through a link, rewardStyle lets bloggers make a % of commission on the sale. You win, influencers win, @liketoknowit tracks the cookies and assigns commission for the purchase.


SO… like to know it released this revolutionary “Shop the Screenshot” concept and marketing slogan. Good on them but I personally don’t want a million screenshots in my phone. I’ve found for me, the most beneficial way to utilize the whole service is to download the app (HERE – or in the app store) and follow the influencers you love on Instagram in the app. If you want to screenshot, knock you heart out. The app keeps all of your screenshots saved, so if you come back a month later once you get your paycheck, your favorite products are all still there. You can even create a wishlist.

For me, if I see something I like on Instagram. 1. I’ll Swipe Up directly if it’s on a story with a link or 9/10 I’ll just go straight to the app, search the influencers handle (ex: Me @ericaaulds), and look up the outfit details right away. I don’t check it daily, but it’s nice, if I see something I like…. I can look it up right away, see how much it is, where it’s from, potentially but it, and carry on with life! I spend SO much time searching retailer sites, the less time wasted the better.


Search Products or Influencers *

LTK (Like to Know it for short — although I’m sure you’ve picked up on that) recently released a search feature. I’ve used this a few times, but if you’re a dedicated Insta shopper and genuinely like shopping through Instagram, you can now search for an item ex “Over The Knee Boots” and you’ll get a plethora of Shopable Instagram images right at your fingertips. Instead of searching one retailer website, you also get some styling Inso this way around. Better if you’re serious about buying something and you can actually see how the product looks in real life versus just a stock product image.


I’m gonna just say it — people don’t read blogs like they used to, myself included. We want what we want and we want it now. I’m juggling running a digital agency, managing clients, and keeping up with my own goals for my blog… realistically Erie Nick gets about 25% of the attention that I’d like it to. That said, LiketoKnow it lets me do a quick swipe up to a product so you guys can get the details right away. I may have time to post an instagram and quickly tag all of my outfit details, whereas a blog post takes a bit more time and I want ya’ll to have the details if you need them so you don’t have to wait! I feel overall it fuels the whole see now, have now mentality instilled in our generation. Essentially sharing shapable details right away so you guys can buy them while sizes are available, pick up on sale, and not just use Instagram as Inspo but actually a source to find things you want. On the Influencer end, it’s smart! I’ve managed to generate significant income from my Instagram and blog through the app, so consider using it if you’re a blogger vs. sharing your time and energy without payout.


Not everything is available through Like toKnow it. The whole system is based off of retailers who agree to specific commission rates, terms, etc. SOOOO if you see something you love AKA all things ZARA, you won’t be able to get the exact product details right away (at least through the app). This is where brand tags in Instagram posts get helpful and good old fashion blog posts stay relevant!

Secondly, yes…The Instagram Tags are redundant and annoying. Part of the name of the game is including a bundle of pre-determined tags on your shapable Instagram images. This is where all of the @liketoknowit #LTK tags come into play. I don’t want to post them, you don’t want to see them, but I love being able to easily share details with the people who want them (and love being able to find things easily myself). So if you’re over it, I’m sorry I feel your pain. Just keep scrolling and be thankful we live in an era where people can actually make a living through doing what they love on Instagram, good for them!

Hopefully that clears up any curiosities with the whole LiketoKnow.It topic. Of Course, all influencers will have varying opinions. This is just what works for me and I’m grateful to be able to use this as part of my platform and overall business framework. If you don’t already have it, you can download he app for free HERE — and if you ever want to find out any of my outfit/makeup/product details before they’re on the blog you can follow me in the app too – my handle’s the same as my Instagram — @ericaaulds

More of a visual person? Here’s the full rundown of how the app itself works

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