New Year – New Beauty Favs

New year, new beauty favorites. If you haven’t already, you must add the GLOPro, Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation, Pout Lip Serum, and these magic 24k gold eye patches to your beauty line up! Thank me now, or thank me later… promise you’ll love them all and so will your skin. x

1.Beauty Bio GLOPro – Not gonna lie, I was a bit skeptical about this one which is why it took me a little time to jump on the bandwagon. But let me tell you, I’m a firm believer this genius Micro-needling tool works. For staters, Jamie O’Banion is stunning in every way, so I trust what she tells me when it comes to beauty. Second — this product essentially punctures the skin, triggering your body to come to the rescue, heal, and improve the skin’s texture. (both on the surface and deeper in the cells). I’ve always been one to invest in skincare — I’m a sucker for beauty products and love treating myself to a little R&R on a daily basis. The glow pro lets my products penetrate even deeper into my skin, so I look at it as an investment to help my other investments.. You with me?!

SHOP US | SHOP UK – Also Available at Harrods

2. THE POUT Volumizing Lip Serum – While I’m on the Beauty bio kick I have to give credit where credit’s due and rave for a second about their Pout Volumizing Lip Serum. I first discovered this product through one of my best friends — where I get most of my insight & inspo on beauty obsessions. I’m a matte lip girl (Pillow Talk > everything) but I LOVE the subtle plump this gives to my full pout and how it hydrates the lips especially during the winter. It’s not sticky at all, which usually comes with the territory of anything thats “plumping” and comes in three different finishes – Vanilla (Clear – What I use), Rosé (Slightly rose tinted), and Champagane (Subtle clear/gold).

SHOP US | SHOP UK – Available at Harrods

3. CHARLOTTE TILBURY MAGIC FOUNDATION- Charlotte Tilbury is the queen of makeup. I’ve yet to find a product of hers I actually don’t like — and the MAGIC foundation is my latest favorite. I’ve been a tinted moisturizer girl my whole life. Because I put so much emphasis in skincare, I’ve never felt the need to “cover up” or mask my natural face —- but for a more full coverage foundation, this product is a game changer. It has an amazing texture, feels dewy, and filtered. Laura Mercier, I still love you and your tinted moisturizer, but this new foundation has won me over!


4. Peter Thomas Roth 24K GOLD LIFT & FIRM EYE PATCHES – Okay so this obviously isn’t makeup, but the better your skin the less makeup you need right? I’ve shown these before in my Instagram stories but I’m a big fan of these Peter Thomas Roth eye patches. Total transparency, I’m not sold on everything from this line – but these 24k gold little cushion miracle workers always do the trick when I have puffy under eyes, discoloration, and need to get it together after a late night, crazy work day, or long flight! Basically read the label, they do a whole lot of “lifting” “firming” “perfecting”….. from my own experience I always feel like they wake me up and just make my overall under eye appearance brighter/better. It’s an investment, yes, but the pack with last you a while!



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