Where To Go Out In Mykonos & What to Wear

If you’re looking for somewhere serene and relaxing, head to Santorini, but if you have it in you to stay up until sunrise, Mykonos is a must on your travel list! While you can definitely enjoy Mykonos during the day doing some ATVing, shopping, and getting in some beach and pool time, nightlife in Mykonos is above and beyond. 

For starters If you plan on going out a lot, I recommend staying somewhere relaxing with a pool. Although it was a 20-minute drive from town and 30 euros per taxi each way, we were beyond grateful to have San Giorgio Mykonos as our home away from home with its peaceful vibe, stunning scenery, and cabanas by the pool. If you’re able to wake up early enough, breakfast is included, along with complimentary yoga, a personal training session, and massage.


– Make Reservations Weeks in Advance – For Dinner & Beach Clubs

– Book Dinners Late – Most People eat around 11 and go out starting at 1

– Bring Bug spray!! 

  • – Don’t Drink the water! Only drink water bottles


DINNER | InterniLooking back this was my favorite dinner of the trip! Our energy was high upon arrival and the atmosphere was really fun! Definitely make a reservation in advance, the later the better! Like many places in Mykonos our booking was at 11:30pm and perfect.

OUT | Cavo Paradiso — Depending on what you like this place is more of an outdoor club. They have tables or general admission, either way prepare to pay some form of cover-charge. Out of all the places we went to this definitely had more of a Vegas club vibe. If you like crowded big club vibes, this will be your favorite place. If you want something scene-y and more exclusive, make a reservation at Moni instead or in addition to depending on your time on the island.

OUTFIT: Me being me, I packed a ton of maxi-dresses for dinners, and while I made it work at the clubs I’d probably advise some sort of co-ord skirt set, mini dress, or romper to prepare yourself to be a little more versatile. Platform wedges were all of our best friends. For casual days we wore flip flops or strappy sandals, for nights out this was the only style shoe we wore.


LUNCH/ DAY DRINKING TO NIGHT | NAMMOS:  Nammos was probably one of the most insane days. If you want a party scene that starts with champagne brunch, book a table here and/or beach chairs! It comes at a price tag, but if you get a good waiter they’ll give you free drinks! Don’t be surprised when guests start dancing on tables. It a perfectly blended combo of beach + club + bar… Think boozy boozy, brunch that carries on into the evening.

OUTFIT: Our reservation was at 3pm so if you come here during the day I definitely advise wearing something transitional. I wore a bikini with a crochet dress coverup and paired with sandals + a beach bag it was the perfect combo. Depending on your day you’ll probably drink and bit and head to the beach. When I left the table for the water I ditched my coverup, but it’s good to have it on hand if you stay into the night!


DAY TO NIGHT | SCORPIOS – Sundays at Scorpios are the big thing — Look for Oliver if you want to get your body or face painted (bring cash! His prices start at 20 euros), and request a booking at the sunset lounge or club area if you want prime real-estate. The vibe here really indescribable, you’ll have to experience it for yourself. If there’s one place you make sure you hit, it should probably be here.

OUTFIT: There was quite a range in outfits in Scorpios so I’d say it depends on the time of day you arrive. Our booking was at 5:30pm so after a full day exploring the town of Mykonos, we ditched the swimsuits and went with dresses/ co-ord sets. If you want to make Scorpios a day-night thing, swimsuits + boho inspired coverups are completely acceptable. As far as color schemes go I’d say the earthier the better, but look at the instagram geotag if you need more inpso and are in a bind. If you have room in your budget there’s also a boutique on site that sells everything Scorpios appropriate starting around 200 euro.


DINNER | SEA SATIN: This is a must for anyone coming to Mykonos. It’s located in town just past the windmills and has a really fun, greek vibe. The food is good, nothing spectacular but the ambiance is worth coming for. They’re well known for “breaking plates” and again the later the reservation, the more likely you’ll end up eating, drinking, and joining the masses dancing on tables! Our reservation was at 11pm then we went out dancing after. 

OUT | MONI Moni is a super exclusive club with really good music.  Definitely email way in advance for a booking. This night was a bit of a hodge podge — we went to Moni, Scandanavia, another club, and a crepe place — all of which couldn’t be more different! Scandanavian is both a bar and club right in the middle of old town. It’s nothing fancy, quite sweaty but great if you want to dance until the wee hours of the night.

OUTFIT: Because I knew we’d be going from dinner to more dancing, I came a little more prepared and left the maxi dress at home. This Zimmerman romper was really breezy and comfortable, I’d recommend some version of a romper + a repeat of platform espadrilles if you’re planning on going out


DINNER | BUDDAH BAR: For our last night we treated ourself to dinner at Buddha Bar, located at one of the nicest hotels in Mykonos. It’s on Ornos beach, supposedly the best beach in Mykonos so expect to find an abundance of billion dollar yachts. The scene is very upscale, beautiful, bohemian and if you love sushi — a must! We went family style per usual so I can endorse most things on the menu and had a reservation at 9pm, so a little earlier than what we were used to.

OUTFIT: This maxi dress was made for Buddha Bar — see more from my Maxi Dress in Mykonos post here. If you’re planning on just dinner, maxi dresses are perfect! I linked this one below (now on sale under $100) and if you’re needing more options or Inso I also linked a ton of maxi styles in THIS BLOG POST.


For me, five nights in Mykonos was absolutely perfect, but if you have it in you to marathon into more nights, here are a few more places that I’ve heard are worth a visit:


Cavo Tagoo


Spilia Seafood Bar

Familia (In Old Town Mykonos)

Alemagou (Wednesdays and Fridays are “best”)



Astra – a good alternative to Moni, where one of our friends went out for a Bachelor Party/ Hen Night.

Branco Mykonos – Also a hotel but similar vibes

ORNOS BEACH – Another popular spot like Nammos to enjoy the beach during the day


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