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Last week I went into Sephora to get mascara. Fast forward $200 later and I came home with beauty products I didn’t know I needed, but now can’t live without! I’ve ALWAYS been a sucker for skincare. Tell me I’ll have beautiful, radiant, pore-less skin, and I’ll cave for anything. I’ve tried SO many products and still stand by everything listed on my Beauty Guide (READ HERE)! But here are my latest cult beauty buys that I’ve tested, loved, and now can’t imagine my skin routine without!

DR. JART WATER REPLENISH SHEET MASK: This one’s only $7.50 and actually really really good! I left it on a bit longer than the directions listed to go ahead and let all the serum soak in. I actually was on a mission to buy and try the SK- II sheet mask which is 2.5x the price, and since they were sold out I decided to try this beauty! Verdict — definitely worth the $$. It’s super hydrating, left me with a Nicole Kidman-esque complexion. Now I’m excited to also try their brightening sheet mask & pore minimizing sheet mask which I also purchased during my impromptu beauty binge.

SUMMER FRIDAYS JET LAG MASK: This one gets a lot of Insta-hype but I actually feel like it’s really good for an overall skin boost that you can use regularly as a leave on moisturizer. It’s a little bit minty, super mild, and ultimately hydrates the skin and gives a refreshed, moistened glow. (I’ve used 4x a week and leave on at night & it’s also great to use if you have a long-haul flight because you can leave it on and not have to worry about washing it off mid flight!)

PETER THOMAS ROTH 24K GOLD EYE PATCHES: I blame Scotty Cunha for my splurge on this one! My friend made me watch he and Roxy Sowlaty’s youtube channel and it’s actually full of really good products! (DISCLAIMER you’ll want to buy everything)… I left these on longer than the directions as I do with most masks unless they’re acidic, to let the serum fully sink in. These are AMAZING! Great at de-puffing and making your eyes look like you’ve slept for 24 hours then dipped your eyes in some magical hydration. They are expensive, but the pack has 60 patches (30 pairs) so when you think about it you’re paying $2.50 per “mask” and they’ll last a while!

JADE FACIAL ROLLER: Ok, I’ve been one of those people that was like, “Does this thing seriously work?” And after using it morning and night for the past week and a half, I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in my skin. It could be the serum? Because thats what I use first then “roll it in” with this little gadget. But overall, I’d say I’ve become a bandwagon fan and it’s suppose to help with lymphatic drainage, collagen production, and a bunch of other things that keep you looking youthful and beautiful 🙂 I’m a sucker for good marketing but I really think it works.

LANCOME ADVANCED YOUTH ACTIVATING SERUM: So I tested this out as a 100-point gift. Usually they’re things I use during travel or don’t particularly love. But after using this morning and night for a week and a half too I’ve gone back and bought the full bottle because my skin absolutely loves it! My skin was automatically more radiant, smooth, refreshed, and hydrated. It penetrates deeper than moisturizer and really improved my complexion, especially during the summer.

HERBIVORE COCONUT OIL LIP POLISH: I’ve already been a fan of this brand (their products make great gifts), but now have become completely addicted to their lip polish. Living in London and especially during the summer my lips ALWAYS get dry and chapped. Dab a little on, rub your lips together, leave it on longer if you want more hydration — it removes all those annoying chapped lip pieces, and in my opinion makes your pout softer and a little fuller with hydration!

TATCHA LUMINOUS DEWY SKIN SHEET MASK: Give me something “luminous” and “dewy” and I don’t need to know much more, but this sheet mask really does a great job of bringing your face alive before a date night, event, or occasion where you want an instant hydrated, refreshed, glow.


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