My Travel Uniform

Although London is home, I feel like a bit of a nomad that is always in the clouds. In all of my opportunities to travel I’ve kind of become a creature of habit with my travel uniform. Unless I’m doing a 10+ hour, long-haul flight, I’ll skip the sweat pants but stick to this combo thats almost as comfy, just a bit more presentable.


No matter where I travel, I ALWAYS get hot in the airport and am always freezing on the plane, so have learned to layer starting with a white tee. A simple style from Brandi Melville is still my favorite go-to. I’ve had too many white tees to count, but always like options that are crew neck, cotton, and have a relaxed classic fit.



My Stan Smiths have definitely seen better days, but they have just as many miles as my passport. On travel days I always wear a tennis shoe to ensure I’m wearing socks for security, plus they’re comfy to wear at the airport and upon arrival for an agenda that includes a lot of walking.



To not look like a complete bed head I leave the leggings and sweats at home, but almost always wear a pair of relaxed jeans. Usually for packing purposes it’s a pair I’ll need to wear at my destination, plus you’re ready to go for the day if you want to get going and not have to change upon arrival.



I’m the type of person that’s burning up at the airport but freezing on the plane. I always bring some sort of comfy cardigan or jacket to layer on during the flight. Because I often travel budget friendly airlines and am limited to a carry-on, I usually end up wearing my heaviest layer on the plane for packing purposes anyways. Even if you don’t intend on wearing an added layer mid-flight, it’s always nice to have another layer on hand to wrap up and use as a blanket or pillow.



When it comes to suitcases, 4-wheels are non-negotiable. Although I use Rimowa, I’m really impressed with AWAY’S selection. They seem decently priced for how durable and functional they are. For weekends and 99% of my trips I use my carry-on suitcase + this leather Cuyana tote which I actually bring everywhere!



The one addition I really wish I had was a travel wallet. I do have a passport cover, but to be honest, it’s kind of pointless. I always have to take my passport out at customs, and desipite looking cute it doesn’t have much of a purpose. A travel wallet on the other hand would be extremely helpful. Most are made with easy passport accessibility, a place for your boarding pass, travel docs, foreign currency, etc. On travel days I travel as light as possible with everything packed perfectly except the bare essentials (Passport, Credit Cards, Money, Book, Boarding cards, charger, bag of liquids) that I’ll need!



Because I rarely check a bag when I travel in Europe, I’ve become accustomed to always having my liquids on hand when I arrive to the airport. Unfortunately London airports (mostly Stansted) are really strict about everything fitting in one plastic zip bag. To stick to the toiletry requirements I stock up on shampoo/conditioner samples, have purchased travel sizes of my favorite beauty products, and always pack everything in a ziplock ahead of time to speed up the process of security.

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