Recipes from our Sur La Table Cooking Class

While back visiting family in Dallas, my mom and I decided to take a fun little morning cooking class at Sur La Table! I’ve taken a few cooking classes here before and have always really enjoyed their recipes. To be honest I’m not the best cook — but it’s something I’m definitely working on and really want to dive into more!

In addition to polishing up my cooking skills, the class was a fun way to bond with my mom (something to consider as a Mother’s Day gift even though we’re a ways out or for a Valentine’s date night activity if there’s still space!) — The class itself lasted about two hours and only hosted 4 other ladies, so it’s super intimate and you can get a lot out of it! The recipes were DELICIOUS and fairly easy to make. You do need a few kitchen tools like a blender and mixer (two things I need to invest in!) but overall, these are definitely do-able to make with normal kitchen wear you probably already have in the house.

I’m used to cooking a lot for 1, so if you’re in the same boat, cut the quantities down, otherwise serve these up for your man, the family, roommates, or save the leftovers! From Lemon Bucatini, slow baked salmon, and delicious whole wheat peanut butter cookies, here are all the recipes we made from our Sur La Table Cookie class. 


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