Hiking in Malta: My Go-To Workout Wear

Workout Top: Sweaty Betty | Workout Pullover: Sweater Betty | Cap: Nike | Shoes: Asics | Leggings: Lulu Lemon (Similar)

I’m so excited to share all of my travel recs from Malta – It was one of those places that, to be honest, wasn’t even on my radar, but after a weekend away ended up being exactly what my soul needed! I’ll share all the ins and outs soon (Stay tuned for a detailed travel guide!) but this day, in particular, hiking in Comino and Gozo, was so incredible! I absolutely love living in London, but it felt SO nice to be outside in nature with fresh air, fresh scenery, and stunning views of the Mediterranean sea.

If you’ve been catching a glimpse of my insta-stories, I’m sure you’ve noticed I spend a ton of time in Hyde Park so I still find a way to get my nature fix in London! And I don’t document it on Instagram, but I’ve also become obsessed with my classes at Heartcore Pilates. When a new year rolls around there’s always a ton of hype about becoming your best self, something I’m totally on board with, along with this whole “living your best life” mantra. But when it comes to fitness and getting in the groove, I always find that a little refresh in the wardrobe department helps me find another wave of inspiration.

Before heading to Malta I swung by Sweaty Betty to pick up a few new pieces to jumpstart the New Year! My workout wardrobe is anything but glamorous, I like to prioritize function over fashion when it comes to activewear, but I have a handful of go-tos that I absolutely love that are the perfect mix of each! With this whole wave of athleisure trends, things got quite fashionable in the fitness world but lost some elements of functionality that are essential for a workout. It’s been a bit of trial and error but I’ve found several pieces from Sweaty Betty, Outdoor Voices, and Nike that are a solid balance between each. I’ll forever swear by Asics when it comes to fitness footwear, especially for running. And love a good breathable Nike hat although I’m currently eyeing this sleek style from Sweaty Betty and may have to make another purchase!

Just like any wardrobe investment, workout wear is another area that takes some time to acquire, but starting with a few pieces, even just one new top or a fresh pair of shoes, always gives me a little kick in the butt to get excited about an active lifestyle! So far, I’m obsessed with the two new Sweaty Betty tops I bought – this super soft long sleeve running shirt & this Italian Fleece pullover that also comes in a comfy cotton. I’m linking them both below along with the rest of my look + a few more pieces that have made their way to my workout wish list!


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