The Perfect Pantsuits

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If you’ve taken a trip down any high street lately or gotten lost in the pages of Porter or Pinterest you might have noticed an emergence in pantsuits. Not your grandma’s go-to occasion outfit or the basic black ensembles that scream CEO. But eye-catching, vibrant, two-piece sets in all colors, combos, patterns and prints. Unlike pantsuits of the past, these emerging two-piece sets are anything but understated. They’re tailored, have an “it” factor, and make even the most mundane days feel worthy of an occasion.

If you aren’t a celebrity, or socialite, or even a politician for that matter, there’s still a place for the perfect pantsuit in your wardrobe. With New Year’s Eve right around the corner and lots of pretty pantsuits currently on sale, now is the ideal time to dabble in the trend, and learn first-hand what the craze is all about. For starters, they’re extremely comfortable. I’ve always appreciated a good pair of silk or trouser pants and these eye-catching additions are no exception. They’re sleek and flattering while still giving a bit of breathing room. I wore this Club Monaco blazer and pant set (currently 30% off!) to a Mozart Concert in Austria, and for 2+ hours of sitting and enjoying the music, it was perfect for the occasion.

Secondly, pantsuits are a warmer evening option— I love a stunning dress just as much as the next girl, but if you’re needing something stylish with a bit more coverage, a pantsuit might just be your newest go-to! They’re just as elegant as any evening ensemble (take note from Blake Lively, Emma Stone, Elizabeth Olsen, & Kate Moss all spotted wearing them on the red carpet) but have an added element of coverage which is extra appealing in the winter.

Lastly, one of my favorite things about them is how versatile they are. Of course, you can rock both pieces (the Jacket and the Pants) for an elegant evening out — One of my favorite ways to wear them is with a silk black camisole or lacy black bra like I did here. But if you’re heading to the office or looking to tone down the look for daytime, they become even more approachable paired with a sleek black turtleneck or even a casual t-shirt. (I’ve tagged several examples on my pantsuit board on Pinterest to give you a better idea!)

If you’re looking for something even more versatile, consider separating the pieces. Want to get dressed up but not go too overboard? Stick with just the pants paired with booties and a classic black top! Want a look that’s daytime chic, but still somewhat casual? Wear the same basic turtleneck or your favorite base layer blouse, with the tailored pantsuit jacket and your go-to OTK boots and jeans!

There’re plenty of ways to wear them, with these only being a few, but if you’re even considering taking on that pantsuit life especially with New Year’s ahead, I’ve linked lots of stunning (and on sale options!) just for you!

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