What to Wear to a Fall Wedding

Happy Wedding Season…or wedding year! Let’s be honest, it never really ends, but I’m such a fan of love and happy couples that I’m not complaining… only wardrobe prepping! With the weddings of some of my closest friends just around the corner and one of my close childhood friends already enjoying newlywed bliss, it has me in my own flurry of wedding fever! One of the hardest parts of living in London is being so far away and not able to easily attend every nuptial occasion, but in the spirit of celebrating these beautiful brides-to-be, I’m rounding up some of my favorite wedding season finds for all of you who also have some wedding season prep to do! From wines tones and rich textures to subtle silks and elegant marigolds, here are some of my favorite selects to set yourself up for a wedding season full of success!

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