10 Ways to Get in the Spirit of Fall

Without a doubt, fall is my absolute favorite season! Not just because my birthday is in October, but because of the cozy spirit, beautiful colors, yummy smells, and everything else that comes along with it. Being in London this year has been a complete dream. While it’s a bit conflicting, already seeing Christmas decorations, I am fully loving the crisp autumn weather and beautiful changing leaves. Whether you’re in London too or maybe somewhere warmer but still craving the spirit of fall, here are 10 ways to embrace autumn and get completely in the spirit of the season!

I know we’re well into pumpkin season, but don’t forget about apples! I went apple picking this year in the Hamptons and last year in Oak Glen, and have always loved this harvest activity to kick off the fall season! If you’re feeling really festive you can bring a basket home and bake an apple pie or caramel covered apples. Otherwise, it makes for a fun fall activity and there are often other fall finds like apple cider or apple donuts at most orchards too.


I’m a pumpkin girl, always have, always will be. When fall comes around, I want pumpkins in my home, on my doorstep, and in all of my recipes. There are plenty of places to fill your pumpkin craving. If you can, I always love visiting a festive pumpkin patch. Most of the times they also have other fall activities + if you bring any home, your pumpkins now come with a fun day of memories. Another way to get your fix is by visiting an arboretum or botanical garden. This is often the best option to get a beautiful natural glimpse of the season, without lugging a large gourd home. When in doubt, you can always visit your local farmer’s market. I’ve seen tons of precious pumpkins in London at some of the local markets. Or you can also visit a commercial grocery store. Yes, these ones may have a few bumps and bruises, but it adds a bit of character, especially if you’re carving them!


I’m absolutely addicted to the scent of our Pumpkin Clove Candle (linked first below). I picked it up at the start of October and our flat has smelt delicious ever since. Whether you actually live somewhere that truly feels like fall or are going through a heat wave where fall feels more like a figment of the imagination, a yummy candle is a guaranteed way to lift your mood and create an atmosphere for the season. Pumpkin or cider are my two favorite fall scents.


Pumpkin, squash, brown butter, and sage are just a few ingredients included in some of my favorite fall recipes! Whether you’re a true cook in the kitchen or have only perfected the PB&J, fall is the perfect time of year to try out a new seasonal recipe. From what I’ve experienced, most of the below recipes are not only delicious, but quite easy to make. Plus this also makes for a fun fall date night activity!

Pumpkin Wonton RavioliTurkey & Sweet Potato Chili | Cauliflower Crust and Fall Veggie Pizza | Pumpkin Popcorn Soup


Not a year goes by where I don’t watch my favorite Halloween films, even if I can recite all of the words. Whether you want to seek out a movie at a theatre, find a festive event (last year I saw HOCUS POCUS at Malibu Wines), or plan a movie night for you and your friends at home — Halloween movies are one of my favorite ways to get in the spirit of the season regardless of where you are each year!

Some of my favorites:

Hocus Pocus | Halloweentown | Tower of Terror | The Adams Family | Psycho | The Witches | Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone | Hotel Transylvania 


My absolute favorite part of fall is the colorful changing leaves. I remember always missing out on this experience when I lived in LA, so would make a point to take trips this time of year to track down true seasons. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. Sometimes road trips are the best thing, but whether you’re local to London or back in the states here are some of my favorite fall destinations!

Napa Valley | Santa Ynez | Blackberry Farm | Ireland | Amsterdam | Colorado | Windsor Castle 


The very first thing I did when October hit was add little touches to my home to make it feel like fall. Pumpkins are a Godsend when it comes to fall decorating. If Halloween is your thing, you can go all out with Jack-O-Lanterns, but fall touches can also be as simple as adding a few pumpkins and squash to your dining table or setting out a canister of candy corn. Last year, mini white pumpkins were my decor of choice, whereas this year we have a few squash-like pumpkins scattered throughout our apartment. If you’re looking for an added touch to get in the spirit of Halloween, also don’t underestimate the power of deep purple hydrangeas!


I’m one of those people that has a hard time resisting a yummy sweet treat! Growing up with my birthday on Halloween, I always decorated pumpkin sugar cookies, but depending on how “Martha Stewart” you’re trying the get, there are plenty of festive recipes out there. You can do something simple like Halloween cookies or themed brownies or make a night out of it with something like these Jack-O-Lantern pumpkin pies or one try of these Pinterest recipesIf you’re in London and have the budget there are also adorable Halloween cookie decorating classes still available at Biscuiteers. 


I LOVE that harvest season also means good wine! Some of my favorite fall memories include trips to wine clubs and vineyards. Whether you’re able to visit one yourself (Some of my favorites are Napa and Santa Ynez) or just as excited to pop open a bottle of Pinot Noir, don’t forget to fully embrace wine season this time of year. You can go all out by taking a wine trip to somewhere like Tuscany, Loire Valley, Napa or Bordeaux or keep things local and plan wine/game night with friends. 

One of my friends who is the unofficial sommelier of the group introduced us to the best dinner party idea. Have 4 bottles of wine (less or more depending on the size of the group). Keep all the bottles covered, making note of which is which, of course. Then serve a taste to each guest, either individually or in couples teams, having each “player” guess the year, grape, and region. It’s fun if you have a nice bottle and a two buck chuck in the mix to see who knows their wine and who has absolutely no clue. I don’t think we had a prize for the winner? I’m pretty sure we all did pretty bad, but at the end of the day it’s an excuse to bring friends together and drink a lot of wine!

Most people rush at the opportunity to tackle a summer reading list. I, on the other hand, end up reading way more books in the fall. It is a bit of a downer that the sun sets a lot sooner, but with this comes the opportunity to cozy up in the evenings, with a warm blanket and a good book! I just finished reading The Cuckoo’s Calling (I couldn’t put it down), How’s Your Soul (A book by my LA Pastor) and am so excited to start Murder on the Orient Express before it hits theaters later on this fall.

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