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Ombre Tassel Earrings | 3×1 Raw Hemmed Jeans | Zara OTS Top | Prada Shoes (Similar under $60!) | Clare V Handbag (back in stock!)

For whatever reason, I’ve never been the biggest jewelry girl. Shoes? Absolutely! Handbags? Of course. But something in me has a hard time committing to jewelry. More often than not I’ll stick to my simple stud earrings. But the more I see this season’s statement earrings, the more I fall in love, especially with this ombre tassel pair that adds an instant pop of personality to any summertime look.

For starters, the tassels are SO light! I think one of the main reason’s I haven’t committed to a lot of jewelry in the past is because it’s just too heavy. Coming from the girl who usually takes her earrings off before the end of the night, I can confidently say these ombre tassels are a style I can fully commit to. Usually, to get the full “statement earring” effect, comfort is the first area to be sacrificed. Not only do these fit the statement earring bill, but your earlobes will approve of them too!

Of course, this vibrant yellow color radiates spring and summertime. If you’ve seen this marigold dress, I’m sure you can tell I’m on a not-so-subtle yellow kick, but good news for all you statement earring enthusiasts— this ombre style also comes in pink, black and blue! Off the bat I feel like they were made for a tropical vacay— insert flowy maxi dress, piña colada and straw bag here, am I right? But these bold beauties also lend themselves to be styled with everyday spring/summer outfits as well. Have a girls night coming up? Need to accessorize for a fun dinner or upcoming event? These tassels lend themselves to an array of occasions and instantly amplify even the most simple looks.

If you’ve seen my former denim looks you know I’m not one to shy away from a denim/white top combo. But adding these tassels to this tried and true look makes it feel fun and fresh again. They’re a great break from the very prevalent tiered bauble earrings. Plus, add a little sophistication back into the youthful pom pom trend. Remember this Zara OTS Top that I styled in the fall for New York fashion week? Well, thanks to these tassels and a few white accessories it’s ready for a re-styled springtime outfit! I’m linking this exact ombre pair along with some other amazing tassel styles. Which tassel pair is your favorite?!

xx Erica

Ombre Tassel Earrings | 3×1 Raw Hemmed Jeans | Zara OTS Top | Prada Shoes (Similar under $60!) | Clare V Handbag (soldout)

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