Timeless Staples: The Classic Trench Coat

Burberry Sandringham Trench Coat | Zara Off the Shoulder Top (Similar) | 3 X 1 Frayed Denim | Gucci Marmot Loafer | Loeffler Randall Backpack

Maybe it’s because it reminds me of my time living in London, maybe it’s because it instantly elevates any outfit, but I am a major fan of the classic Trench Coat, especially for transitioning into spring. It’s a timeless piece that’s been making a statement for years and as we approach a new season it’s relevant once again.

I went through a major closet purge this week, ridding 50% of my wardrobe that felt out of date, out of commission, or no longer “me”. As my style continues to evolve and as I develop my own style identity, I find myself always coming back to the classics. If I could draw up the perfect wardrobe, it would consist of pieces like the trench that are guaranteed to last for years, with a few trends, florals, and colors scattered into the mix.   With my college days further and further behind me, my own taste has become less about youthful, fleeting fashion and more about stand out staples that I feel confident in, enhance my everyday appearance, and stand the test of time. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good trend, but like anything in life balance is key!

So how do you build a wardrobe that consists of classics without being completely lifeless or boring? Try exploring the balance of timeless meets trendy. When the weather is chillier out and I need a light layer, I always turn to the trench as my go-to. But to keep my day-to-day style relevant and still reflective of my personality, I’ll style it with a few trendier pieces like raw-hemmed denim and a pair of leather mules. That way, through balance, I build up a wardrobe prepared for the future but also embracing the moment.

I’m sure we can all agree that Burberry is the ultimate designer when it comes to the classic trench coat. Perfecting this iconic staple since 1912, they’ve mastered the balance of traditional yet contemporary and created an easy-to-spot classic with enduring appeal. Even if you aren’t ready to make the timeless Burberry investment, we can all learn a thing or two from this revolutionary brand. Made of a lightweight water-resistant texture and consisting of menswear details that offer a versatile, feminine fit, it’s a piece every style enthusiast can admire and add to their budding repertoire.

This is just one of the many ways I style the trench for my own daily looks. You can also see how I wore it with silk pants here and have a look at my Trench Coat Pinterest board for more ideas and inspiration on how to style your own looks. I’m wearing Burberry’s slim fit Sandringham Trench in Honey in a US 6/UK 8 which I’ve linked below and along with several other stand out trenches at all price points.

xx Erica

Burberry Sandringham Trench Coat | Zara Off the Shoulder Top (Similar) | 3 X 1 Frayed Denim | Gucci Marmot Loafer | Loeffler Randall Backpack

Photos By Betsy Newman

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