Telluride Town + Dogsledding

Telluride, Colorado | January 17, 2017

After my most recent trip to Colorado, I realized there’s SO much more to Telluride than just great skiing. Even though my family’s been coming here for years we usually stick to a ski-heavy agenda so were pleasantly surprised to find so many alternatives up in the mountains. Dog Sledding was something I’ve always wanted to try but had never experienced. After doing a little research I came across Wintermoon Dog Sled Adventures, a family owned company that has been offering Alaskan Husky dog tours just 30 minutes outside of town since 1993. We quickly found the tours book up weeks in advance, but Brian and I lucked out after a last minute cancellation and jumped at the opportunity to check this winter activity off of our bucket lists!Because the company offers one morning tour a day, our dog-sledding experience started bright and early. We woke up with the sun, threw on our warmest layers, and met Chantal, our guide, right outside of our condo. From start to finish the entire experience was extremely seamless. They picked us up right at our door step, drove us to the National Park, and brought us right back home once the tour was over. ** A major bonus if you don’t have a rental car!

Once we arrived in the National Park and first laid eyes on the Alaskan Husky pups I couldn’t contain my excitement. If you’ve seen any of my posts with my dog Nahla, you know I’m an extreme dog lover but this experience brought on a whole new level of appreciation. One by one the guides hooked each of the dogs to their harnesses to get ready to mush. We had been warned that the dogs would be quite loud with excitement, and they definitely were! They were tugging and barking and full of excitement but the barks turned to wide mouth grins as soon as we set out into the forest.We definitely lucked out when it came to the weather. It had been heavily snowing pretty much the entire duration of our trip with temperatures well below freezing, but thanks to the clear skies the views could not have been more stunning. Throughout the tour we alternated between cozying up inside the sled and riding on the back with the instructor. Halfway through the journey we stopped for photos and a breather in a beautiful snow covered field. Winter in Colorado already feels like you’re living in a snow globe, but this remote setting was truly remarkable. We warmed up a bit, smothered the dogs with love and back rubs, and had a chance to take in the scenery before winding our way back through the snowy terrain to base camp. If you’re planning on going dog sledding I definitely recommend adding on the layers. Surprisingly cashmere gloves were warm enough for my hands and my body was quite content with three under layers and a parka, but my feet did get quite cold. Apparently my boot liners were not completely dry from the previous day so take note and learn from my mistake! Overall I could not recommend this experience enough— It met all of my expectations and more! If you’re planning on visiting Telluride definitely call well in advance and look into a tour with Wintermoon Dog Sled Adventures. The Wood family could not be nicer and they do an incredible job of taking care of the dogs and make the entire experience memorable from start the finish.


After dogsledding we were dropped back off at our condo in Mountain Village. If you’re not familiar with the area, Mountain Village is actually just up the mountain from the town of Telluride, but a lot more convenient for skiing and only a 15 minute Gondola ride away. Because it was too late in the day to go skiing we bundled back up and headed into town. “Downtown” Telluride is a completely different vibe than the more modern Mountain Village. As soon as you get off the Gondola you’ll immediately feel the old Victorian presence throughout the nuances and architecture of the town. With just a few hours of daylight left, we wandered all throughout the snow covered streets passing by the town square and historic buildings.

I know it’s cliche and you haven’t heard it here first but the town in the winter is a true winter wonderland. Starving from our days’ activities we stumbled into the Butcher and the Baker for a delicious bowl of warm soup then met up with my family for hot chocolate. As soon as the sun fell beyond the mountains the entire town lit up with holiday lights. It’s this backdrop and scenery that makes me want to pick up and move to a small mountain town forever! We did a bit of shopping in the local boutiques— partially out of curiosity but mostly seeking warmth. Once all the shops closed we stopped in for an evening appetizer at the New Sheridan Bar and played a friendly match of pool before heading back up to Mountain Village for dinner. Whether you’re new to Telluride or been coming here for years there’s so much to this quaint little destination to love and discover.

I’ll be compiling a list with all of my top Telluride recs from where to stay, what to do, and the best places to eat and drink but overall this day was filled with some of my favorite highlights from our trip!

xx Erica


  • Reply Cristina - Memories of the Pacific January 17, 2017 at 11:57 am

    Beautiful photos! Dog sledding must be an amazing experience

    • Reply Erica Aulds January 18, 2017 at 4:24 pm

      Thank you, Cristina! It was an experience I’ll never forget. I definitely recommend going if you ever get the chance xx Erica

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