Aspen: Winter Wardrobe

IMG_9858Aspen, Colorado | December 23, 2015

Outfit Details:
Sweater: J Crew (30% off) | Jeans: Alice + Olivia (Similar) | Scarf: J Crew (30% off) | Boots: Sorel | Beanie: J Crew (30% off) | Jacket (not pictured): J Crew (30% off)

Don’t get me wrong, there are so many things to love about living in Los Angeles, but come Christmas time, I really crave some snow and the feeling of winter.

After a long phone call with one of my closest friends who lives in Aspen, I found myself hanging up and booking a direct flight for the following day! Despite my attempts to be spontaneous, the weather delayed me a few days, but lo and behold, I finally made it to the breathtaking mountain town and it was everything that winter should be!



Lets just say, traveling light is not a phrase in my dictionary. Four bags and one pup later, I arrived at their stunning home for a long weekend, and was greeted by their four giant German Shepheds. Of course, despite all of my layers and outfit options that I packed “just in case”, I gravitated towards two sweaters the entire trip- this J crew fleece being one of them!



Knowing a snow filled forecast was ahead of me, I popped into J Crew prior to my departure to scope out their 30% off sale and purchased a new pair of Sorel Boots as an early Christmas present!

If you’re planning a trip to the snow, I highly recommend bringing a pair of these, and leaving the Uggs at home (even though they’re 15% off right now!)— Trust me, I packed both and these already got their money’s worth, while the Uggs sat at the bottom of the suitcase!


To brace for the cold weather, I really relied on the J Crew sale! In addition to this fleece turtleneck, I found this cozy pom pom beanie and the perfect puffer coat (not pictured) that kept me snug and warm during the flurry filled days!

Plaid J Crew Scarf

Apparently I really am mad for plaid this year. In addition to the sold out Kate Spade purse and poncho from this post, I was sold on this red plaid scarf. If really ties everything together and adds a bright, seasonal touch!


When I wasn’t in my ski clothes, I lived in these black jeans and found a similar pair under $60! On crisper days I’d slip a pair of North Face thermals underneath for a little extra warmth. To transition into the night, I ditched hat and scarf, added a shearling coat (35% off!), a layer of Butter London’s “Ruby Murray” Lipstick, and slipped a pair shearling lined boots!

If you’re planning a trip to the snow this year, don’t miss the J crew 30% off sale going on now through Christmas Day to stock up on all of your winter wardrobe essentials! Because of the sale, sizes are going fast so I found a few similar options if your size isn’t available!

I’m all stocked up and already looking forward to my next trip to the snow for New Year’s!
xo Erica

Sweater: J Crew (30% off) | Jeans: Alice + Olivia (Similar) | Scarf: J Crew (30% off) | Boots: Sorel | Beanie: J Crew (30% off) | Jacket (not pictured): J Crew (30% off)

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